March 15, 2012

CoverGirl BlastFlipstick - Stunner and Cheeky swatches!

CoverGirl BlastFlipstick - $11.99 - in 13 double-ended shades: Whisper - taupe and pink pearl shades; Pucker - light berry and lilac shades; Glimmer - dark berry and soft pink shades; Flashy - dark berry and lilac shades; Vixen - burgundy and pearl pink shades; Perky - bright pink and light pink shades; Tease - red and gold shades; Cheeky - bright pink and peach shades; Stunner - bright pink and gold shades; Snap - taupe and sand shades; Smooch - copper and sand shades; Minx - deep brown and gold shades; Intense - deep berry and taupe shades

Obviously the intent is for you to be able to not only use the 2 colours separately but also mix them together to create a third shade. I love this idea because this is an excellent space saver for my already overloaded purse! 
I gave Stunner and Cheeky a try...
Stunner - what they are calling Bright Pink looks more Coral on me and as you can see it has a lot of sparkle!
Stunner - the Bright Pink and Gold sides together give a foil effect - I'm too pale to wear the Gold by itself but if your skin is darker toned I think it would be really pretty!
Cheeky - Bright Pink side
Cheeky - Peach side - if you combine the two of them together the peach tones the bright pink down a bit and adds more shine. But it wasn't that dramatic so I didn't bother with a picture.

Even though they are touted to have a moisturizing formula, I find them a bit dry - not matte-like dry but drier than I would expect a "moisturizing" lipstick to be. The upside to not being so moist is the crazy staying power and stain effect. In the top pictures you can still see a bit of a pink tinge around the edges which is from the Cheeky bright pink - I did wipe it off before swatching the Stunner but it wouldn't easily come off entirely. Now instead of a 3-in-1, they are a 4-in-1 - 3 lip colours and a stain!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I was excited asked on your review so stopped in to check them out. Sadly, I didn't find they lasted at all. I swatched them on my hand then got a few groceries (which usually works well for me) and I couldn't see where any of them had been except for Perky. I sure liked Tease though!

  2. Bev next time get them to clean them off for you and try them on your lips. I find that things that don't stay when I swatch on my hand last lots longer on my lips!

    Best, Lisamarie


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