March 23, 2012

Erin the soap guy lathers up with LUSH Sexy Peel!

LUSH Sexy Peel - 3.5oz - $5.95 - made with organic orange and lime oil which is responsible for the amazing smell with the orange juice having the added bonus of acidity which helps keep your skin clear - and organic orange, lime and lemon peel for the exfoliating and toning action.

Knowing what a citrus freak I am, you can imagine the tussle Erin and I had over who got this and sadly he won - actually he stripped all of his clothes off, covered himself in baby oil and offered to wrestle me for it - I conceded and let him be the tester for obvious reasons...

So let's hear all about it right from the soap-stealing horse's mouth -

Let me start by saying I have always been a fan of the Lush Bath Bombs! I am a regular purchaser of the heart-shaped rose petal bomb (I buy them for my wife and then use them all ). However, for some reason I have never used anything from their soap line (other than an unfortunate incident with a massage bar that I mistook for soap) which will now change because I am in love!!  I used the Sexy Peel this past weekend for the first time. I am a sucker for citrusy scents and absolutely love the orange and lime scent from this soap.  My beef with “essential oil” soaps is that they are usually oily and greasy. Not a problem with this one though, it left me feeling very clean and I really liked the exfoliating feel of the peels as well as the abundance of suds - a huge plus for me! For some reason I never listen to Lisamarie (ed. who is always right) and I used the soap on my face which can be a little risky for me but I thought it would work well for my oily skin and I had no issues. (Lisamarie does not recommend this though, you know how she feels about soap on your face)
Overall, Sexy Peel is a very invigorating and a great morning shower soap!  Move over Olay nubby bath bar, I have a new favorite!!!

- Erin & Lisamarie -

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  1. I LOVE LUSH soaps and I think sexy peel is a nice one. If you are a citrus fan, try sandstone and bohemian as well!


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