March 29, 2012

Lips and tip swatches from the Bourjois Paris and Dior Spring 2012 collections!

The Bourjois Paris Spring collection is full of candy worthy colours, especially for lips and nails:
25 - pastel coral - 10 Days Nail Enamel - I wouldn't call this pastel at all, I'm renaming it vibrant coral!
52 Corail Idyllic Effet 3D Lipgloss - sadly, there is a lot more colour in the tube than on the lips!
26 - pinky mauve - 10 Days Nail Enamel (that's obviously not the bottle)
The Dior Spring Collection is an aptly named Garden Party that I wanted to attend:
Ultra-Gloss in Party Lilac - lilac with plenty of sparkle!
Forget-me-Not Vernis - not only is the colour gorgeous, it's scented!

- Lisamarie -


    Its so pretty!!!!

    I wonder if Sephora carries nail polish by Dior?
    I've never specifically checked that actually..

  2. I have a ton of Bourjois gloss because I love it so much, but they stopped selling it here. In fact, I think they stopped selling Bourjois everywhere in the U.S. :( That Dior lip color is just the perfect everyday shade! I like it!!!

  3. After Sephora dumped it and before Shoppers Drug Mart picked it up, it was really hard to find in Canada too! Hopefully someone will pick it up for you guys soon!

    Best, Lisamarie


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