June 8, 2012

Caryl Baker On The Beach and Bare Beauty Collection for Summer 2012!

Caryl Baker Visage On the Beach Collection - $39 (retail value of $67) - includes the new Mineral Bronzer in Sand ($29.50 - beauty club price $26.55); new Mineral Lip Tint with SPF 15 in Naked ($23.50 - beauty club price $21.15) and a Sun Essentials Sunscreen SPF 30 ($14 - beauty club price $12.60)

As well, they have launched a collection of limited edition cosmetic items: the Mineral Lip Tints ($23.50 - beauty club price $21.15) mentioned above, as well as Baked Blushes ($23.50 - beauty club price $21.15) and Baked Shadows ($23.50 - beauty club price $21.15) - 1 of each which can be combined as your very own personalized Bare Beauty Collection for only $42 - in 3 nature inspired colour stories:
Down To Earth - swirls of pale pinks, rose and shimmery grey - Baked Shadow in Terra, Baked Blush in Dawn and Mineral Lip Tint in Breathless
Light As Air - swirls of purples and pinks - Baked Shadow in Breeze, Baked Blush in Air and Mineral Lip Tint in Juicy
Water Colours - swirls of blue, indigo and bronze - Baked Shadow in Rain, Baked Blush in Dew and Mineral Lip Tint in Luscious

If you like the sounds of any of it don't wait, the special offers are only available until July 18, 2012! Check it out at your local Caryl Baker Visage location - you can go to www.carylbakervisage.com to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -


  1. hehehe no more bronzers for you :)h

    1. what kind of crazy talk is that - soon I'll have none and need to replenish! ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie

    2. heheeh :) I trough u said U had one face hihihi :) this one looks really good.
      I will be keeping an eye when u post a swatch/review :)

  2. I would be one lucky girl if I win this .

  3. "Terra" looks so lovely!


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