October 28, 2009

Bad Name, Good Mane

Shea "All Naturals", the sales rep said. "Are you serious?", I asked. "Is that a brand name, for real?"

Most companies, these days, spend a lot of time and energy finding a catchy, marketable name in order to create a strong branding. Shea "All Naturals" must be one of the worst company names I've ever come across. Bad pun and actually really hard to remember. The packaging, designed by a 5 year-old, doesn't help either. But, if you can go beyond this, you'll find that their line of natural moisturizers and haircare is great.

This Canadian company uses Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, all 100% natural ingredients. Their Shea butter ($15.74) helps soothing extremely dry skin, or conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  However, the real revelation to me was their hair conditioner. Like many black ladies, my hair is processed, and needs an extensive array of hair care products to keep it healthy. By extensive, I mean I would ideally need 4 or 5 shelves bathrooms to keep everything neat and organized.

The Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner (rinse-out or leave-in) really helps keeping frizziness under control. I noticed the difference with my hair right away. The menthol in this product is a little surprising at first but is meant to stimulate blood flow (and it certainly feels like it) and open up your pores.

Unfortunately, while the shea butter is widely available at Shoppers Drug Mart, this conditioner is only available online (US delivery is available). If you have curly or dry hair, you'll love it though, it's absolutely worth the $15.74 price tag. Remember, none of that money goes to their marketing department, the 5-year old packaging designer gets paid in candies!


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