May 3, 2010

3 Products to become Little Miss Shiny Hair: Kim Kimble, Garnier and Rene Furterer

I was curious to try Kim Kimble's hair care line, now available at Target and online. For those who don't know Kim Kimble: she has worked with Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Shakira she knows a thing or two about hair.
Now my hair is quite dry and processed so I need a pretty good hair care routine to keep it healthy. The Peppermint Cream Shampoo is a nice little shampoo and for $9.99, it won't break the bank. This shampoo's texture is truly creamy, I mean like a dessert, something I would want  wanted to eat.  The mint scent is nicely refreshing, it tingles but -thank god- it doesn't burn (I had that happen to me once, with a brand I can't recall). One thing that you need to be aware of is it doesn't produce a lot of lather, so you may end up using more shampoo than you really need. Overall, it left my hair clean, shiny and smelling good.

Of course, I still need to condition my hair after, I have been using Garnier's Fructis Melting Hair Conditioner because it's so fast and cheap (less than $6)...and it does a good job!

The last step of my hair routine includes the excellent anti-frizz no-rinse Myrrhea fluid from Rene Furterer ($30/125ml).  This product truly excites me: it's the perfect product to protect your hair before a blow-dry. It definitely helps getting rid of the frizz, I could see the difference right away: my hair was smoother but not greasy at all after using it. You only need a small amount, so the bottle (despite a pricey $30) should last you for a long time. In fact, this product is so good that I use it despite a major flaw: I absolutely hate the smell.  Too musky and spicy for my taste. But like I've said it does a superb job. Now, if only Furterer could change the scent, I would never leave this product.


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