May 26, 2010

The City girls score OPI at Wango Tango and why Lisamarie is becoming a TV star!

I've always wondered what the upside to being a celebrity is?!  I mean, it doesn't really seem like a lot of fun to me.  You work hard, you have heavy makeup caked on your face all day, people follow you into the bathroom in public places trying to get your autograph, the paparazzi shadow your every move and you can't lose or gain 5 pounds without the Star being all over your ass and proclaiming you have an eating disorder. Well, other then the fame part, which I guess some of them must like, they also get to attend lots of events.   Most events, including KIIS FM's Wango Tango that Whitney Port, pictured here attended, has a gifting suite where the stars are invited to come "shopping" at various brand's booths.  The OPI booth was a popular one at this event where stars took home swag bags filled with a vairety of OPI products including nail laquers from the Shrek Forever After Brights Collection and the Spring/Summer 2010 Hong Kong Collection.

Whitney looks so pretty here that I don't have the heart to be jealous!

Roxy Olin on the other hand, had better make sure her nails look awfully good and then maybe no one will notice that whatever was filling out the top of dress seems to be missing - she needs to swing by the cutlet booth!

Also, do you notice that both girls are carrying a clutch?  You would think that if you are visiting the gifting suite, you would make sure you wore a shoulder bag to keep your hands free - although maybe if you are a celeb, you have minions to carry stuff for you...

Free stuff and minions?!  I'm sold?!  If the girls from the City can do it, I don't see any reason I can't become a star and start reaping the swag rewards!

You'd watch a show about a beauty blogger who likes free nail polish, wouldn't you?!
photos courtesy of OPI
- Lisamarie -

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  1. Roxy is so sexy on the show but she does NOT photograph well @ all. Everytime I see a picture of her, her hair is a mess, her skin is SO greasy looking (not dewy), she looks like she needs a MAJOR touch-up, & the camera not only ads 10 pounds to her but makes her pretty features look askew and just wrong.


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