May 21, 2010

If your dogs are barking - come knock on the Red Door at Che Bella Spa!

 photo by:  Anna Lisa Sang
Along with my love for shoes comes a perfect companion love - that of foot rubs!  As pretty as my shoes are, wearing them for long periods of time make my feet hurt and nothing feels more blissful after a day of torturous walking, then having them pampered.  Che Bella Spa has heard my cry and have introduced Red Door - a nighttime sanctuary for your feet!  You will still be able to find your favourite spa services there during the day but starting next Thursday, May 27th - every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night between 7-11pm they will be offering blissful foot massages for men and women.  The 45 minute treatment given by massage therapists includes a hot foot soak (because what massage therapist in her right mind wants to smell your feet after you've had them in shoes all day?) and a tranquilizing therapeutic massage of the feet and legs.  The cost is $55 per person, $100 per couple or $185 for a group of four.

A great way to hang out with a group of friends before hitting the town, for a bridal shower or even a romantic date (put please, not a first date, feet on first dates are weird)!  Beach inspired serenity and laid-back elegance and dimmed lighting in a classic Victorian space is how the spa is described so it sounds lovely and relaxing!

You will find the Che Bella Spa - Red Door at 10 Castle Knock Road and you can call 416-485-1225 to book an appointment or check them out at

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Hi there,

    Currently has an awesome deal on right now - $25 for a $62 Foot Massage, Treatment, and Hot water Towelling.

    A MUST GO!!



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