May 26, 2010

Clairol wants to help you warm up your haircolour for summer - personally! Contest!

Warm weather always gets me thinking about changing my hair colour to something lighter!  This year I went from my winter dark auburn to a light copper with blonde highlights and have even been considering going a bit lighter to a strawberry blonde.  If you haven't been thinking about lightening up for summer, it's time to consider it!

Graced by icon Brigitte Bardot and more recently brought to the spotlight by beauties like Gisele and Jennifer Lopez, the natural, sun-kissed look is all the rage.
“In the summertime I always tend to warm up my clients’ colour since it happens naturally with the sun,” says Clairol Consulting Colourist Luis Pacheco. “Work with the elements rather than against them and you’ll look effortlessly beautiful all summer long.”

Here are a few more tips from Luis to help you get the sexy, beachy look that’s perfect for the season:

1.        Stick to natural-looking shades.  The sun will fade and warm up hair colour, so natural, multi-dimensional colours will look best once this starts to happen.

2.        Know what looks natural on you.  If your skin tans nicely, you’re likely a warm tone – go for golden shades.  If you tend to burn more, chances are you’re a cool tone – ashy colours will look best.

3.        Go beachy, easily.  When refreshing your colour, only apply it to the roots allowing the natural fade to come through on your ends.  This creates the sought-after  beachy ‘ombre’ look.

4.        Go caramel.  Lighten brown and black hair by one or two shades and choose a caramel shade that will go with tanned skin like a cherry on a sundae.  Try the new Nice 'n Easy Color-blend Technology Caramel collection.

5.        Blondes beware! Overly bleached hair will not take kindly to sun, saltwater and chlorine.  Bring your lightness down a notch and opt for a gentle hair colour formula like Perfect 10.

6.        Vacation doesn’t mean from your hair colour.  For longer trips and getaways, pack a box of Root Touch-Up and hide pesky roots in 10 minutes flat.

Of course the hardest part of making a colour change is knowing what colour to change to.  Have you ever stood in the hair colour aisle wishing you had an expert by your side telling you exactly what colour you should pick.   Now you can, my boy Luis is here to help you out!  One lucky winner will receive a colour consultation from Luis - who will examine a recent photo of you and give you tips, colour recommendations heck, he'll send you some permanent hair colour and even throw in some CoverGirl makeup to go with your brand new summer colour!

Sound good, want in?  This contest is open to all Canadians with hair.  Just leave us a comment letting us know you want in.  Please leave your e-mail address and you can write it like this - info at beautycrazed dot ca - so the bots don't get you.  Winner will be decided on by the best sob story - so let us know why you need your very own colour consultation!  You have until June 4th to enter - Good Luck!
- Lisamarie -


  1. enter me please! i need a colour consultation because i've had the same boring hair colour since i was born and it's very drab and dull! i've always a vibrant "look at my hair" colour!


    thanks lisamarie :) :)

  2. would love this and need it mrs.mommyyatgmail

  3. Please include me in this contest. Thanks!
    paulajdumont at yahoo dot com

  4. have not cut or coloured my hair in.... 1 1/2 years-really need this!

  5. All grey! Hairdressers telling me to either go lighter such as light brown while others tell me to go darker such as medium to dark brown with red highlights. No one has the same opinion. Would truly benefit from some expert advice. I was in a deep depression for over 12 yrs. Need to feel alive!

  6. I have natural medium blond hair. My hair has been ruined by a hairdresser and I would like to restore it to a natural lighter color with bounce and energy. Can that be possible or am I just dreaming?

  7. This is a farce, blonds want to go dark and many dark brunettes want to go blond. Well, I'm the one who wants to go darker and have a new style. My Mom says I need to seek some expert advice but I don't have the money for it. I'm a student. Can't go very far on allowances. Would love to win this one.

  8. I would love to win this for a woman who deserves much more than what she is getting from me. She is too busy with family needs that she often forgets herself. I would like to see her all pretty and whichever color she chooses, that will be fine with me. Love you Mom xxxooo

  9. I have never been able to figure out what colour or highlights would be best for me. I would love to win this -- as a mother of three I rarely get to treat myself or do something for myself. Please ... I could really use this --- my husband has to send me to the hair dressers because he complains that my colour is growing out --- I am even to busy to realize this:(

  10. I definitely need some help. I haven't been to a hairdresser for 10 years, I cut my own hair with the help of my husband and I colour my own hair. Some professional help would really be appreciated. My husband would be very happy and so would I! :)

  11. I dye my hair a few times a year and for some reason, it is never the color I want it to be. Sometimes, it's too light and the roots are absolutely horrible! Sometimes, the color changes and then just fades out - even when it's a permanent dye!

    I want a color that looks vibrant in the sun - light enough to be noticeable but dark enough so that a little bit of roots doesn't ruin the look. I want an easy dye process and for the color to actually stay put. Fading takes all the value out of a good color.


  12. Post baby I lost some clumps which have grown back but my previously colored hair is now just frizzy and dull. I've not much time to vamp it up but look like the mother from that old horror movie "Carrie". Pu-lease Help!

  13. I would love to win this as I have 3-4 inch roots. I am trying to save as much as possible to put towards a house, therefore I cannot afford a professional dye job. jess_147 at hotmail dot com

  14. Honestly I'm so embarassed to admit this- I'm literally addicted to fake, synthetic hair extensions. Its quite sad. My hair underneath is longish, shaggy, and frizzy disaster mop because I HAVE NO IDEA how to style it myself. I have bang extensions, curl extensions, straight extensions, pony tail extensions... My night stand looks like a freaking shrine to the hair gods.
    I need someone to tell me what colour suits my fair complexion, and how to wear my natural hair without feeling self conscious.
    I know I have great hair underneath. Hopefully I can finally show my "other" hair the garbage can, and be able to show my real hair off.

    googy.777 at hotmail dot com

  15. I would LOVE this. My sister-in-law is a hairdresser and does my hair. I would love to get a better job or something different but I would never dream of hurting her feelings and going somewhere else. Her training was as a barber, although she does a nice job at women's hair too, it's just not the same. When I ask for a different cut or color, most of the time I come out with the same one I had before! If Luis could help me out, I would just bring in that color for her :) Thanks for the chance.


  16. This would be awesome. My hair is so dark right now and I have been thinking of adding caramel in or going reddish brown with copper. I would love the advice.


  17. Ooo, I'm in. Enter me please!

    polish fiend at bell dot net


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