May 26, 2010

CLEAN launches a bath and body line that not only smells CLEAN but is clean!

We already know CLEAN for their amazing smelling fragrances which smell... well clean... and now they have introduced a line of  bath and body products formulated with innovative Cotton Vantage technology that they say will revolutionize how we get clean.

Cotton Vantage is a new technology blending cotton seeds, cotton extracts and cotton proteins in liquid or dry form to create high-performance bath and body products.  Liquid cotton extracts are infused into the wet products including the Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Body Butter as they have been proven to have extremely hydrating effects on the skin, while dry cotton extracts are a key component in the Dry Shampoo and Fresh Body Veil as they contain moisture absorbing benefits.  Now not only will you smell CLEAN, but work throughout the day to keep skin feeling fresh through extended hydrating properties, moisture and oil absorption, and time-released CLEAN scent.

Here's what is available in the new line:

Fresh Body Veil - 3.8 fl oz - $30 - a next generation lightweight body powder which when applied to the skin, creates an invisible, delicate veil between moisture and clothing, keeping you cool and dry by wicking moisture away continuously throughout the day.
Dry Shampoo - 3.17 fl oz - $20 - you can find my review for it here and let me just reiterate, this stuff makes your hair smell amazing!
Soft Body Lotion - 18.5 fl oz - $36 - luxurious and intense lotion is enriched with cotton extracts, cotton protein, vitamins A & E, cocoa butter, coconut and olive oil for silky smooth skin that feels, soft, moisturized and smelling wonderful
Bath & Shower Gel - 18.5 fl oz - $26 - a light foaming cleanser that is loaded with cotton extracts, moisturizing aloe and botanicals so it doesn't leave skin feeling stripped and dry as it gently cleanses
Body Butter - 5 fl oz - $28 - they call it butter but it is actually soft and fluffy, not butter like at all!  Enriched with cotton extracts, illipe, shea butter and moisture-binding properties for highly hydrating effects on your skin without the greasy feel of some butters.

With the launch of the new CLEAN Bath and Body line, CLEAN also introduces  their "CLEAN Credo" philosophy, which means products should not only smell CLEAN but be clean.  In compliance with the CLEAN Credo, products have been stripped of sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, artificial colours/dyes, animal ingredients and other harsh chemicals.

And here's the really good news, Canadians are used to having to wait for everything to make it's way to us, usually months later then when everyone else gets it - but this time, not only can we get our hands on it at, it is also available at select Canadian Sephora stores - West Edmonton, Toronto Eaton Centre and Vancouver Pacific Centre.

Look for more products to be added to this line in the coming months and while you are waiting, inhale deeply and enjoy the new CLEAN line!  And you can find more info at

- Lisamarie -

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