May 26, 2011

Don't be a Sasquatch! Enter the Andrea Professionals Contest

This really is a picture of Christelle, no really!
Can you tell that Christelle hasn't bothered to shave all winter?! Andrea Professions was very concerned by this turn of events and actually came out with 2 new products to help her out:

Andrea Professionals Water Soluble Cold Wax - $13.99 - an all-natural based wax that is ready to use with no heating required and it's water solubility means that mistakes can easily be washed away!

Andrea Professionals Body Hair Removal Crème - $11.99 - formulated to quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair from arms, legs and bikini area and is enriched with cocoa butter and natural oils to leave the skin softer, smoother and hair-free longer than shaving!

What's really fun though is what's now included in all of their hair removal kits: SloGrow lotion! It's a fast absorbing lotion that contains Papain (derived from the unripe papaya fruit) and natural enzymes that inhibit the formation of new hair. I don't know if it's a sound business model to give people something that will eventually stop them from needing your product but hey, I didn't go to business school, what do I know?!

Now I'm very concerned that you might have gotten as hairy as Christelle here over the long winter months so I convinced Andrea Professionals to cough up some of their product for the good of (wo)mankind!

Up for grabs is  a full suite of Andrea Professionals product including: water soluble cold wax, body hair removal crème, facial wax strips, body wax strips, Brazilian hard wax, facial crème bleach, and facial hair removal crème. Each product comes with the brand new SloGrow™ Lotion to slow down hair re-growth. Total prize valued at over $100.

Sound like something you might want? Read on then...This contest is open to all of our hirsute Canadian readers. It's very easy to enter, just leave a comment letting us know that you follow (if you aren't a follower you can sign up through Google or Facebook - signups are in the right sidebar - or if Blogger is having one of it's constant issues, you can also find a follow link on the top left hand side)

1 entry for following and leaving a comment answering the question - what is your least favourite thing about hair removal? Please also leave your e-mail so we can find you!
And for an extra entry - follow Beautycrazedcan on Twitter and  tweet the contest!

If you prefer not to leave your info on a public post, please leave a post saying you want to enter and then e-mail your info to, please put "Andrea Professionals Contest" in the subject line.  Remember to leave the post or you name won't actually end up in the draw! Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until June 10th to enter. Good Luck!

And while you are waiting to see if you won, check out the Andrea Professionals summer website at for amazing contests, hot trends and great tips for at-home hair removal!

- Lisamarie -


  1. i just had to comment here because yesterday i had a presentation analyzing sesame street in terms of appropriateness and language development for kids. did you know that snuffleuphagus was big bird's imaginary friend until 1985?

  2. Sesame Street was a lot more fun in the good old days - at least Cookie Monster was supposed to eat cookies then! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Following you :) and I hate everything about hair removal! The pain of shaving or the smell of creams!

  4. I follow via GFC.
    My least favorite about hair removal is how frequent I have to do it if I'm shaving. If I'm waxing, it's the physical pain!!


  5. I follow you on Twitter @glogirl3 and tweeted:


  6. Hi, I follow via GFC and I've sent an email with my info.
    My least favourite thing about hair removal is how fast it grows back, grrr.

  7. I'm an email subscriber. The thing I hate about hair removal is how often (daily) I have to shave.

  8. Ha! I follow via gfc and I am about to tweet this! I hate hair removal because I have screwed it up many times in the past!!

  9. I follow via GFC as a.sterisk

    I hate how long waxing takes. I can't just spontaneously wax before going out, I have to plan it and take the time to do it well. It's so time-consuming!

    and I tweeted here!!/nutellawhore/status/74939820220219392

    a.sterisk (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. Following you through Google Friend Connect.
    My least favourite part of hair removal? Dealing with regrowth! Can't it just go away forever? Pretty please? Christelle and I would approve of that, I'm sure!

  11. I follow via GFC (Cheryl)

    I can handle the pain from waxing and cuts from shaving...but I hate the ingrown hairs!


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  13. GFC: The Procrastinator

    What I hate most? Actually getting to the salon. I wax everything and it's so hard to get an appointment when you suddenly have an event to go to! I'd love a quick fix for those nights between appointments =)

    Source: beautycrazed (


  14. Least favourite thing about hair removal: In-grown hairs. UGH. Oh, and it gets expensive if you get it done by a pro.

    Tweeted your contest:!/TheGlitterGeek/status/75233660848189440

    arianne (at)

  15. Least favourite thing? Definitely the ingrown hairs!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway :)

    GFC: Monica

  16. GFC: TatiAbaurre

    Oh, I have everything about hair removal... It's a pain having to spend so much time getting rid of the hair and then it quickly grows back again... I hate the pain and most of all I hate it when I'm planning to wear a dress or skirt and notice I forgot to shave...


  17. GFC: jEniB

    yep..definitely doesn't like ingrown hair

    Twitter: jEniB227

  18. I follow via GFC Principessa

    Having to do it over and over again!


  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Following on GFC as Colleen C
    I can't stand all the cuts I end up with on my legs!!!

    colleen at

  21. i follow you as petitechouxx

    i hate when hair grows much faster and the smell of product

    yumethy89 (at)

  22. i follow you on GFC as beautycombat
    i hate to do it every couple of day

  23. of course I follow!

    my least favourite thing about hair removal is how often I have to do it!


  24. Hey:) Thank you so much for this I follow you LAluver101! My least favorite thing about hair removal is that there is always some sort of pain involved, but, you know what they say, beauty comes through pain I guess:)thanks for this to both this blog and Andrea for sponsoring it my e-mail is

  25. My least favourite thing about hair removal is the time & effort. I wish I just didn't have hair on my arms & legs!
    GFC: Jer
    Email: jaekayy@gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @themoobinator

  26. My least favorite thing about hair removal is that it takes to remove the hair. and the paaain!
    cinnabunniee (at) ymail (dot) com


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