June 17, 2011

All skin care sins can be forgiven thanks to Sin-Care!

We all know about the normal aging that happens as the years go by but did you know that lifestyle choices can contribute to the process and show up on your skin?

Sin-Care is an Australian company with a line of serums to combat 8 deadly skin care sins:

Sin #1 - Smoking - solution = Smoker's Secret
Sin #2 - Sun Damage - solution = Sun Goddess
Sin #3 - Excess Sugar - solution = Sugar Hit
Sin #4 - Stress - solution = Relaxation Sensation
Sin #5 - Lack of Sleep = Sleep Doctor
Sin #6 - Sports Fatigue = Sin Coach
Sin #7 - Time Poor = Line Rewind
Sin # 8 - City Living = Urban Renewal

More than one sin, not to worry the products can be layered and you don't need to give up your favourite moisturizer either, the serums are very light and can go right underneath.

Having never met a gummy or chocolate I didn't like or want to become personally involved with I thought the smartest one for me to try was Sugar Hit.  Until I paid attention I had never actually realized the effect that sugar had on my skin which was dullness.  After a few weeks of adding the serum to my morning routine without actually giving up the sugar there was a new brightness to my complexion!  Sugar is probably something I would do well to indulge less in but it's nice to know that when my willpower falters that there is actually a product that will help hide my sins!

You can check out the line at www.sincare.com.au and at $70 US a serum, sinning doesn't have to be expensive!

Go forth my beauties and sin no more (or a lot more)!

- Lisamarie -

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