June 9, 2011

Erin the Soap Guy lathers up with Olay Body Rituals body bars!

You might find it disturbing to know that Erin the soap guy is more of a girl than Christelle - the prettier a product that I give him to test smells, the happier he is and let me tell you, there was much delight when I gave him Olay's Body Rituals body bars with massage action to try out!  Here's what Erin thought:

"I have now tried both the Luscious Embrace and Silk Whimsy massaging bar soaps from Olay and I absolutely love them! My preferred scent is the Silk Whimsy (Rose extract and almond oil) although both make the shower area (and me) smell delicious after use. I really enjoy the massage design  - even though it only lasts until the massage nubs disappear *making sad face*.  The Olay bars have a great consistency that allows for a wonderful lather. Unlike a lot of moisturizing products, this rinses off easily and leaves a very clean feeling.  Now if I could just get the massage nubs to last for the life of the bar, I wouldn’t have to stay married…just kidding…"

Erin did mention to me, but forgot to mention it in his blurb, that he likes the softness of the bars because they make for easy lathering but as they get small they tend to break apart  and leave soap pieces on your body - I didn't ask him where he found the soap pieces because there are some questions in life that you just prefer not to know the answers to! He has termed it "rich people soap" because rich people never use a bar until it's that small and becomes an issue, whereas he uses soap until it's small enough to go down the drain.  He also said that he would be happy for Olay to send him a lifetime supply which I guess is the highest compliment he can pay!
If you want to smell like Erin go pick up your own Body Rituals Body Bar and if need be, Erin will be happy to come over and soap up any parts you can't reach yourself!

- Lisamarie & Erin -


  1. Mmmmmmm I love those soaps! They smell sooooo good! Funny article! haha!


  2. I LOVE these soaps! Great article :) lol


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