June 29, 2011

This week I'm obsessed with... Katima'A Facial Mask!

Katima'A Facial Mask - 10 masques - $52 - contains 10 packets containing Rhassoul clay and 10 packets with Argan oil.

I'm a sucker for anything that needs some prep, it makes me feel like a scientist so this mask is right up my alley!  The Rhassoul clay is a powder which has to be mixed with the Argan oil liquid mixture and they each come in their own individual serving packets to be mixed together before each application.  The set even comes with a little ceramic dish and a spatula for mixing and applying!

I recommend doing the mixing over the sink as the powder likes to fly all over the place. They combine quite easily into a very unattractive grey mixture which you then apply a thin layer of to your face.  If you want to have a lot of fun, put it on and then hide behind a door and wait for your husband to come into the room - this never gets old! 

I love clay masks because they always give me the feeling that they are sucking the impurities right out of my skin and this one doesn't disappoint!  They recommend you leave it on for at least 5 minutes but I like to leave it for at least 15 minutes and once washed off, my skin feels clean, soft and smooth.

If you like clay masks, smooth skin and looking like the undead during your beauty treatments, I highly recommend this one!

Available at www.beautyphica.com

- Lisamarie -


  1. You're hilarious! Would love to see a picture of you in this mask scaring the husband - classic!

  2. I love it ! I mean, it is clarkson like but in the beauty world :) perhaps James May could give a look at the Hair care. Congrats, it is good fun, and obviously helpful too !


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