June 8, 2011

I Know Who Stole Your Granny's Bed Cover...and It's NOT Lady Gaga!

See, I've never been invited to the Glamour Awards (sadly) but there is one thing I know: I would not turn up in a tent dress like this! Alexandra Burke, a UK X Factor winner, has a kick-ass body - she probably works out a gazillion hours a week - and decides to wear your granma's bed cover to a glamourous event...it boggles my mind! Pixie Geldof followed with an equally awful outfit...Oh Dear. I just hope the floral muumuu trend will never catch on because I would need to move back to Paris Mars. In the words of my man Shaq: these dresses are just too horrawful (horrible + awful, get it?) !

I'm sorry to post this picture of Lady Gaga before breakfast...but I had to! La Caca received a fashion award from the CFDA wearing almost no clothes! How original. Please notice the awesome (and super picante) crotch area - if you can look away from the breast area, that is!
Gaga had a major nipple slip as well on the red carpet, which reminds me of the incident with Tara Reid a few years ago. Tara admitted later she was high on cocaine. I don't think Lady gaga is sober in this picture, but what do I know?



  1. oh goodness, these outfits are HIDEOUS!! I'm not sure what these celebs were thinking when they stepped out that door!

  2. lol at lady gaga. omg, i love her but not in that outfit. eeek! >_<

  3. Wow I can't even decide which outfit is making my eyes bleed more! What on earth??!!


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