June 20, 2011

Lancôme Teint Idole Fresh Wear vs. Lise Watier Teint Parfait Foundation and Concealer Duo - battle of the foundations - part 3!

This weeks battle are a couple of long wearing formulas that promise all day comfort.

Lancôme Teint Idole Fresh Wear - 24ml - 18 hour shine free makeup with SPF 15 for normal to oily skin - I tried the lightest colour which is Ivoire 2C which is an okay match albeit, a touch too dark. The formula is quite liquid which makes it tricky to get it out of the tube and on to my brush without spilling it everywhere.  The texture makes up for it - it's so light that it definitely gives you that no makeup feeling! I can't say as to whether it will give you 18 hours of wear since I don't ever have my makeup on for that long, but it sure does last for 8 or 9.  As for shine free, I did have to touch up my t-zone with powder a couple of times during that time period and to be fair, it is pretty hot here right now so I don't know of any makeup that could survive this heat shine free!


Lise Watier Teint Parfait Foundation and Concealer Duo - 30ml - 12 hour wear flawless complexion makeup that is moisturizing, long lasting, high coverage with a natural finish - I went with the lightest shade, Porcelaine which again turned out to be a bit too dark.  I actually wore it for a couple of days thinking the colour was okay until I caught sight of myself in a mirror in natural light and realized that I had the dreaded line around my jaw - more studious blending made it wearable but it brought home to me the dangers of indoor lighting and how I should be checking new foundation colours on me near a window!

What's really clever about this foundation is that you get a matching concealer in a flip up on the cap so if you have the perfect colour of foundation, you'll also have the perfect colour concealer.  I often find myself using the thickened foundation from the cap of a foundation for concealer so I love that whoever at Lise Watier designed it must have also done this! The texture is moist feeling and it does last for 8 hours so I have no complaints there.

I don't know that there really is a winner in this round as neither foundation was the right shade for me.  As far as staying power they were both about equal so I would say if you are oily/combo, go with Lancôme as it is much lighter or if you are dryer, try Lise Watier for its comfortable moist feeling.

Come back next Monday for a battle between Dior Capture Totale Serum de Teint and Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Another great versus....love these! I haven't tried the Lancome, but that would be my pick of these two. Looking forward to hear about the Clarins :)

  2. The concealer cap sounds like a really good idea! :)

  3. The Lise Watier one is amazing! It provides the best coverage I've come across and looks perfectly natural! Just wish it was a bit cheaper


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