June 1, 2011

Rihanna Gets Her Revenge in Her New "Man Down" Video...and It's Disturbing!

Rihanna's videos are often on the provocative side, but this latest video is pretty disturbing to me - and you guys should know by now, I'm not exactly the very sensitive type. I've even been told my heart was made of tar...but even for someone like me, the rape and murder themes in this "Man Down" video don't feel right! It's not thought provoking, it's just gratuitous violence to me. Killing someone who hurt you doesn't resolve anything, does it?

Anyway, have a look and let us know what you think!



  1. I just saw that video a little while ago & posted up a status on Facebook asking "anyone else disturbed by Rihanna's Man Down music vid?"

    Murder & the implied issue of rape is taking it a bit too far.

  2. rihanna's songs and videos always seem to remind me of bondage and rape >< She has definitely changed since the innocent times ): Because of that incident...

  3. Her dad abused her mother and left, and in turn she found an abusive boyfriend...The poor kid definitely has issues!

  4. wow I find it disturbing and you know what makes me mad people saying "if you have problem with this video you are saying yes to violence against women" which to me is a complete BS ....I think the video was is taking a little bit too far. I loved the song but did not enjoy the video !

  5. I adore the song & the whole album, but she really is troubled, i think. I hope she's okay!

  6. I agree the video is disturbing but at the same time it gets the point across and the message out there. The video clearly depicts Rihanna shooting and killing a man who is revealed to have sexually assaulted her.

    “Man Down” was “a song about a girl who committed a murder that she regrets and is completely remorseful about it.” She added: “We needed to go back to why it happened, because obviously she’s not a cold-blooded killer. It had to be something so offensive, and we decided to hone in on a very serious matter that people are afraid to address, especially if you’ve been victimized in this scenario.” Quoted from Rihanna in her interview with the BET hosts Terrence and Rocsi.

    Sometimes celebrities go too far in getting messages out, however there seems to be alot of that going on in music videos now a days. Eminem has been doing it for years! Rihanna may have issues, but dpn't we all. Only difference is she's making millions from telling her stories about life happenings.


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