June 14, 2011

Look like you're getting some even when you're getting none - thanks to NeoStrata's new Invigorating duo!

Want to look like you've just had a really good shag (or good night's sleep if you prefer) then check out the new Invigorating duo from my dirty friends at NeoStrata!

NeoStrata Invigorating Solution - 30 pre-soaked pads - $37.75 - contains 6% Glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin, Cucumber extract as a cooling and tightening agent, Japanese green tea as an antioxidant with antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation, Eucalyptus for its aromatherapy benefits to stimulate and awaken skin and Peppermint oil to rejuvenate and stimulate tired skin.  Not only do they wake skin up, they smell great while giving you a mini peel!
NeoStrata Instant Invigorating Eye Masks - 3 pairs - $26.75 - contains Hyaluronic acid to instantly replenish skin's moisture as well provide long-lasting hydrating benefits, Chitosan which forms a protective, moisturizing, elastic film on the surface of the skin to maintain the skin's moisture, Aloe to decrease inflammation and stimulate repair, Vitamins C & E to brighten skin and reduce roughness and Co-Q10 to boost skin's repair and regeneration. They waken up the eye area and because they are so moisturizing, they instantly make small lines disappear like magic! 

After using the duo and then a NeoStrata Intense Moisture Rescue Sheet Mask a lovely friend of mine was accused of spending the afternoon in her hotel room doing something other than beauty treatments - if that's not a testament to it's amazing abilities, I don't know what is!

Available at major drugstores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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