October 20, 2011

Charlotte Ronson Lip Gloss swatches - Tessa and Hilary!

If you've been checking out the addition of Charlotte Ronson to Sephora then you probably noticed that she has the most adorable lip glosses - how can you not love something in a heart shaped tube! Each shade was inspired by one of her friends which just begs the question "what colour would my lipgloss be if Charlotte and I were buds"?
Tessa is a shimmering pink and the absolute best thing about it for me is the smell - lemon mint! As you can see, it has a lot of shine!
Hilary is a shimmering plum but looking at the swatches here, I'm having a hard time telling them apart and am wondering if I even labeled them right! Hilary has a lot of sparkle to it which isn't showing up well in the pic and it's supposed to have the same lemon mint scent but I don't smell it at all!

Overall these are a winner for me, love the smell (when I can smell it) love the non-sticky texture and love the super shine! I'm also loving that the Charlotte Ronson products are costing Canadians exactly the same as the American price on the Sephora website so no nasty surprises when you go to check out - they're $14 no matter what side of the border you're on!

- Lisamarie -

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