October 15, 2011

Test Driving Tints of Nature Hair Colour!

If you colour your hair on a regular basis but worry about how much damage it is doing to your hair you might want to give an ammonia-free permanent colour like Tints of Nature - 120ml - $18 - a try!

How hair colour works is that it raises the pH level which allows the cuticle to open and the colour to penetrate. With ammonia based colours this causes harsh side effect on the hair with loss of protein and moisture with the hair unable to return to its ideal pH level. With ammonia-free colours like Tints of Nature they soften the cuticle which allows it to work at a lower pH - a method that is just as effective but leaves the hair a lot healthier!

Tints of Nature also contains certified organic ingredients and doesn't contain any parabens!

I tried the Medium Mahogany Blonde colour last weekend and unfortunately I had a cold and couldn't smell anything so I had to make my husband smell it to see if ammonia-free colour would be any less stinky. He insists it is still stinky but not as chemical-ly smelling (he's kind of a wuss though so I expect it smells a lot less worse than he insists it does). Anyone that colours their hair red knows what a hard colour it is to get right and of course how hard it is to get it to stay without almost immediately fading. So far I am very pleased with the results - my hair feels soft and healthy and the colour is rich and bright and I have gotten so many compliments on it, which is really the best way to tell it you have a good colour or not!

Available in 24 colours: 9 natural colours which are the most effective at blending in and covering grey hair; and 15 fashion colours:

Avaialable at Loblaws, Zehrs, YIG, Superstores, Fortinos and specialty health food stores as well as online at www.well.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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