October 5, 2011

Eye Love Wednesday - Marcelle new eye products launches with bonus Lux Eye Dust swatches!

If you're looking to perk up your eye wardrobe, you're in luck - Marcelle has just launches Lux Eye Dust ($11.95) in 10 fabulous shimmering colours and a Waterproof Eyeliner ($10.50) in 8 shades!
The chart above actually gives a very true indication of what the colours look like, but swatches are always better, so here you go - please excuse the weird cropping on some of them - I should have cleaned up under my eye before taking the picture, the fine layer of powder which you don't notice so much in person is really picked up by the camera! In the future when wearing these in public, I would probably either apply my foundation last or place a kleenex or something under my eye to catch the fallout!
Supersonic - is my favourite, I obviously still have an 80's affinity with blue eyeshadow
Bronze Millionaire
High Voltage

These swatches are all done dry but you can also use the powder wet for a really intense look - it can also be mixed with anything - body cream, nail polish and lipgloss to add shimmer.

My only complaint comes from the packaging, on some of them, the fliptop was really hard to open, I actually had to pry it open with a knife! I do appreciate powders coming in a fliptop with a small opening - when they're in the screw off jars, the powder gets everywhere!

- Lisamarie -

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