October 29, 2011

Wen by Chaz Dean Haircare System

Knowing how much I love reality television, it's hardly surprising that they are dictating my product life now too! I discovered Chaz Dean through Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out and like all good celebrity hairdressers, of course Chaz has a line of hair care products! It was inspired by all the years of seeing the damage caused by ordinary shampoos on his client's hair so he wanted to come up with something different and better. He's taken out the sulfates and instead his products contain chamomile extract, rosemary extract, natural cherry bark and sweet almond oil which cleanse your hair without stripping the natural oils that it needs to stay shiny, healthy and full of body.
Wen Cleansing Conditioner Healthy Hair System - 30 day supply - $32.99, 90 day supply - $89.90 (+ s&h)  contains:
Wen Cleansing Conditioner - 340g - cleanses hair thoroughly with astringent and antibacterial properties and without harsh ingredients.
Wen Styling Creme - 56.5g - use instead of gel for a medium hold with a glossy finish that is good for any style and hair type. Designed to help promote moisture, shine and body all in one formula. Benefits also include split end repair, texture improvement and frizz control.
Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask - 56.5g - designed for use before and after any chemical treatment or when hair has been stressed to add moisture, body, shine and restore your hair and strengthen damaged strands.
Wen Texture Balm - 10g - a finishing touch for creating looks with definition, separation and texture as well as providing hold and shape for long or short hairstyles.
Wen Wide Tooth Shower Comb - designed to be used in the shower to evenly distribute the Cleansing Conditioner through your hair.

I'll tell you what right off the bat made the whole experience weird for me - the cleansing conditioner doesn't lather. This is totally on purpose on their part as the product is free of all detergents usually found in your shampoo, but there is something in my psyche that really believes that lather = cleaning, so that did take a bit of getting used to. The cleansing process itself is quite a production: First you soak your hair thoroughly before applying the product; then you divide your hair into 4 sections and apply anywhere from 3 - 8 pumps of the product per section depending on the length and thickness of the hair - it felt like I used a lot of product per shower!; then you massage it into your hair and just leave if for the rest of your shower; and finally you massage it through and rinse it out.

Despite the strangeness to me of the product, I freely admit that it made my hair incredibly soft and being quite fine, if I don't do anything with it, it looks pretty flat but this also added some nice volume even when I just let it air dry. But my favourite thing about it has to be the smell - sweet almond mint! Mint can be tricky, if you don't add something to it you end up with something that smells like toothpaste but if you add too much to it you lose the mintyness - this mint is perfect! 

So the Cleaning Conditioner turned out to be a good product but my favourite in the system has to be the Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask. I have been using it instead of that wimpy little conditioner they give you with your hair dye kits and after dying it my hair feels so smooth and looks so shiny that you would never guess that I had just had my head doused in damaging chemicals!

If you think this all sounds the least bit interesting, go ahead and give the line a try - normally I would only recommend you spend your money if you think it sounds amazing but in this case they offer a 60 day guarantee. If you don't love it to pieces within 60 days, return the bottles (even if they're empty) and they will refund your purchase price (less s+h) - you can't beat that for a guarantee!

For more info or to order Canadians can go to www.notshampoo.ca and USA go to www.wenhaircare.com

And be sure to come back here and let us know your results - or if you've already tried or are using the system, we'd love to hear from you too! And if you know why Chaz won't let Jeff design his New York salon, I'd really like to hear about that!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Oh I tired this over 2 years ago. You can get it at tv showcase store for about $60 with double the conditioner, so it is a lot cheaper (essentially it is the pack they will send you on your second order, but with a new comb and the styling stick thrown in).

    I didn't find it worked that well for my dryer hair, but I did stick with the co-op and no longer use shampoo, only conditioner.

  2. I was at home sick one day and ALMOST got sucked into the infomercial LOL! I read some reviews on it and there were just too many negative ones for me to try it out. I probably have even dryer hair than Jill (and it's curly too!) so not sure this one would work for me. But damn if I was guaranteed to have hair like Alyssa Milano's I'd be all over it!

    And I watch Flipping Out too, Jeff Lewis kills me LOL!

  3. I hear you Elaine, I am such an infomercial junkie - everything looks magical on those things!

    Whenever I'm having a bad day at work I can think, at least I don't work for Jeff Lewis!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. I have this in the mail about 3 days ago. Can't wait to try out! x


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