October 1, 2011

Test driving La Vie en Rose Double Gel Extreme Bra!

The promo for it is so cute that I tried to convince Christelle that this would be the proper way to test drive the bra - she very bitchily declined. You know that if it came in my size I totally would have done it!
La Vie en Rose Double Gel Extreme - $49.95 - in sizes: 32 A-B; 34 A-B-C; 36 A-B-C - it comes in 5 colours: black, white, champagne, purple and grey and is seamless and snag resistant. The triangle at the center actually shifts the angle of the bra cups to maximize extreme cleavage; with lightweight push-up gel padding to create extreme cleavage and add up to 2 cup sizes; and the added bonus of four way convertible straps so you can wear it with any outfit.

So everyone's got a push-up bra these days so I know you want to know what makes this one different - from what I'm hearing, it's the comfort factor but I'll let Christelle tell you since she's the one who actually wore it:

"This bra is simply quite wonderful and almost criminal…because it makes my girls look way bigger, I mean like false-advertising-bigger! The 2 cup sizes bigger advertisement is no joke! What especially makes it great though is that it is so comfy, you don’t feel squeezed or squished so there is no pain like some of the extreme push up bras on the market, you can easily wear this for the entire day. And because there aren’t any mobile inserts you don't have to worry about losing your cleavage by accident!"

Available now in store and online at www.lavieenrose.com

- Lisamarie & Christelle -


  1. The promo really is cute!
    Would be great if they have my size..
    haven't been able to wear a La Vie en Rose bra properly.. because they're never in my size..

  2. I have the Victorias Secret version of this bra, and its quite the head-turner!

  3. One thing caught my attention: in the apartment, she put on pumps with skyhigh heels and then she's running around in flats. Fail. XD
    Can't even think about the bra. Besides, it's not all that.

  4. I have had 3 of these bras and the last 2 have leaked...

  5. I have had 3 of these bras and the last 2 have leaked...


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