October 19, 2011

LUSH has some scarily great stuff for Halloween!

I can always count on LUSH to scare me up some great smelling Halloween goodies! And they are doing something a little different this year with some on-line exclusive items! Here's what you can find on-line at www.lush.ca:

Calacas Shower Jellies - $5.95 - these colourful fruit-scented shower jellies are designed to represent dancing "calacas" or skills - an iconic image found in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations.

Is it weird that they look like little Darth Vader heads to me?

Lady Catrina Soap - $6.95 - a zesty hat-shaped soap decorated with brightly coloured flowers in homage to Lady Catrina, a symbolic image for the Day of the Dead (apparently she liked to wear hats)!
Jacko Bath Bomb - $5.95 - a brew of cinnamon powder, ground chili and cayenne pepper to warm you up (and turn your bath into a delicious people soup)!
Cobweb Bath Bomb - $5.95 - a spiced bath bomb that magically turns your bath water into a shimmering Halloween night sky.
Pumpkin Knot Wrap - $3.95 - even ghouls appreciate being environmentally friendly so wrap up your goodies in this little Pumpkin version of the Knot Wrap!

And these ones you will also find in-store:

Ghost Shower Gel - 250ml - $17.95, 500ml - $27.95 -  with rose and dove orchid infusions it smells amazing and you probably already know that you need to grab it while you can, it's as fleeting as it's namesake!
Pumpkin Soap - $6.95 - looks like a pumpkin, smells like cinnamon but be sure, it's only for cleaning, not for eating!
Calavera Bath Bomb - $5.95 - marigold petals and zesty lime oil will have you feeling alive, which is funny since that are an iconic image for Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations!

Available for a limited time so don't delay or you will freak out when you find out they're all gone!

- Lisamarie -


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