April 17, 2012

Get your very own Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Porefection!

Our friends at Beauty Undercover are worried about how dull and tired your skin looks after this long, hard (!) winter we've had and are here to help us out with a product you have already heard me rave about:

Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Porefection - 15ml - $22 - eliminates dull skin and revitalizes skin tone as it stimulates exfoliation, reduces the look of pores and intensely hydrates the skin all while you sleep! This isn't an every night thing, you just use it 2-3 times a week on your t-zone - I love how smooth the areas look in the morning! Available online at www.elizabethgrant.com

The giveaway is open to Canada and the US and there are 20 of them up for grabs so your chance of snagging one are good! You'll want to enter quick - the giveaway is only open until midnight EST on Wednesday and you will need to enter a skill-testing question which I know will be easy for y'all since you are here every day - right? right??! The question is: What was the most recent fragrance Beauty Crazed featured on Fragrant Friday? Just enter the answer in the "preference" box on your entry.

Don't enter here! Go to: http://www.beautyundercover.com/2012/04/swag-alerts/swag-alert-porefection/
to enter.

Good luck and many thanks to the lovely girls at Beauty Undercover for going in with us on this!

- Lisamarie -


  1. i live too far from your side to buy them :(

  2. Friday the 13th Fragrant Friday was Ck one summer, Eternity Summer, Eternity for Men Summer

    1. Don't enter here - you have to go to the link for the Beauty Undercover website and enter there!


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