April 9, 2012

Lierac Paris Ultra Body Lift 10 Minceur

Lierac Paris Ultra Body Lift 10 Minceur - 200ml - $58 - lipo-sculpting concentrate with anti-orange peel skin action. This very penetrating and alcohol free serum with intense smoothing power helps erase fatty cells and in as little as 14 days, the fatty cells are blurred, the silhouette seems resculpted and the figure is thinner.

Apply morning and night for 4 weeks to buttocks, hips and thighs massaging in circular motions.

With active-caffeine (10%), aspartame, flavo-licorice and liftline (wheat protein)

I have no idea what "blurring" fatty cells means but I do know that within 3 weeks, this light gel-cream had my orange peel thighs looking much smoother! I also like how easily it absorbs and that it doesn't feel sticky after applying making you have to wait to get dressed. The only thing I don't like was how the product comes out of the bottle - there is an opening in the center of the top that you squeeze the product out of, but due to this design, excess product remains on the top that you have to wipe off and if you don't get it all off, a film of old product starts to develop which is kind of gross - I would much prefer this in some sort of pump!

You can find Lierac products at Rexall or go here to find locations to purchase nearest you.

- Lisamarie -

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