April 17, 2012

Here comes the sun - safely with La Roche-Posay!

Is it not the greatest thing in the world to be waking up and going to work while the sun is out?! So much less depressing than doing it in the dark! Of course now I have to remember to add an extra step to my morning skincare routine - sunscreen! As a pale person, I've always been pretty diligent about wearing it since I burn so easily but I do seem to recall in years past that I didn't enjoy it so much, especially the sunscreens available for the face - they always felt thick and sticky or went on too white!

Luckily for everyone, things in the sun protection world are vastly improved now and there are lots of formulas out there to suit even the pickiest sunscreen wearer (me)!

Here is an old and new favourite of mine from La Roche-Posay - you will appreciate that both offer broad spectrum and photostable UVA and UVB protection, to prevent sunburn while also combating skin aging, pigmentation and DNA damage.

Anthelios Ultra-Fluid Lotion SPF 60 - 50ml - $26 -  not only does it absorb super fast, it has a mattifying, weightless finish which is perfect for under makeup and a blessing to anyone with oily skin!

Love, love, love this stuff - the only complaint I have is every time I run out and try to buy more, they're sold out and I have to hunt for it - so it would seem that lots of other people love it too!
Anthelios XL Lightweight Lotion SPF 60 - 100ml - $28 - absorbs quickly with a fresh, velvety finish and as an added bonus, it's paraben and fragrance free.

The Anthelios line also has sprays and sticks and other lotions if that's more your thing so check it out next time you are at your local pharmacy.
Along with protection comes education - did you know that 90% of skin cancers detected early enough can be cured? Here's a tool that will help you keep a handle on what's going on with your skin:  www.myskincheck.ca - an interactive website that will help you: evaluate your personal sun risk; monitor the development of new moles with the mole-check tool; and help you discover safe sun habits while you learn how to protect your skin.

And if you need some extra motivation...

- Lisamarie -


  1. I've heard great things about LRP. I'm going to get serious about sunscreen this summer, and I want to use this!

  2. Thanks! I used to use an SPF 30 day cream from them too that had the nicest soft fresh floral scent!


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