April 10, 2012

I'm in cupcake heaven with Upper Canada Soap!

Upper Canada Soap has a new line of delicious treats that smell and look wonderful and won't cause you to gain a pound! I'm a sucker for bath products that smell sweet and/or fruity and comes in adorable packaging so this new line is right up my alley! Check it out:
Cupcake Bubble Bath - 180ml - $5 - A fun and playful bath experience, lightly fragrances and softens water. Available in Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Frosting, Stawberries & Cream, Raspberry, Honey Lavender & Banana Coconut. 

I love anything strawberry scented although it has to be the right kind of scent - I don't like it when the it smells fake or too chemical and the strawberry scent to this one is perfect - sweet and fruity with tons of bubbles which is especially impressive considering how inexpensive it is!
Sweet Treat Lip Balm - $3 - Lick-able and sweet, these lip balms make hydrating lips a real treat! Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Cherry.
Jumbo Cupcake Bath Gels - 150ml - $4 - Custom designed cupcake shapes. Available in Vanilla Frosting, and Strawberries & Cream.
Cupcake Bubble Bath Gift Set - $10 - Includes 1 x 180ml cupcake bubble bath with a soft touch white face cloth all in a bakery store front box.  Available in Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Frosting, and Strawberries & Cream. 

If you're starting to think about end of the year teacher gifts or looking for party favours, I think this would be the cutest thing ever for either one!
Celebrate Cupcakes - 180ml - $6 - Perfect for any occasion. Soft tinted bubble bath in whipped icing topped cupcake bottle each in a bow topped gift box. Available in Vanilla Butter Cream (yellow with white whipped icing top), Strawberry Butter Cream (pink with light pink whipped icing top) & Mixed Berry Butter Cream (purple with soft purple whipped icing top).
Mini Cupcake Bubble Bath - 50ml - $3 -  Cute mini bubble baths with cherry-topped cupcake bottles and a ribbon bow. Available in Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Frosting & Strawberries & Cream.
Cupcake Manicure Set - $9 - 5 “must-have” quality implements for grooming all in a zip cupcake like tote. Available in pink, purple and blue. 

If you ever think your subway trip is kinda boring and want to make some new friends, pull this baby out of your purse (I promise I wasn't clipping my nails on the subway, I just need the file to smooth out a rough bit). Within minutes I was surrounded by 3 high school girls who oohed and aahed over it and insisted on knowing where to get one of their own!

Also available is:

3 Pack Cupcake Nail Files - $3 - Custom designed emery board with a cute cupcake illustration – each set comes with a purple, pink and yellow emery board. 

Cupcake Button Purse Mirror - $4 - A light weight mirror with a custom photo design.

Cupcake Tweezers - $4 - Custom designed tweezer with cupcake end.

Check it out and order at www.uppercanadasoap.com

- Lisamarie -


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