April 20, 2012

Waxon Waxbar - the only waxing location in Toronto that is Karate Kid approved!

If you're looking for waxing services someplace other than the back of your salon you'll want to check out Toronto's new Waxon Waxbar - where waxing is all they do! Waxon waxologists use a combination of European and Canadian made hard and soft wax which are made with allergy-friendly natural ingredients and follow a 5-step process - Refresh, Relax, Wax, Relieve, Renew - that preps and replenishes skin pre and post-wax to encourage healthy skin and hair growth.

Waxing services are available for both genders and include the waxing of just about anything you can think of - brows ($14-$20), facial ($11-$46), body ($10-$55) and bikini areas ($15-$43) - and they will torture men equally - the services even include Manzilians ($72)!

You also have the option of pre-paying for waxing services at a discounted rate with their Bar Tab program and every time you have a service, you earn reward points towards receiving complimentary services.
Waxon is also carrying a couple of products exclusive to them in Canada:

BareEase & Cream - $25 - pre-treatment kit for ouchless "down there" hair removal - just apply a small amount of cream over skin approximately 30-40 minutes before hair removal (there is also an option for the boys - Numb Nuts - $19)

Prince Reigns - $30 - an ingrown hair serum that includes all-natural ingredients and soothing moisturizers - aloe vera, eucalyptus, chamomile, sage lavender, vitamin E and citurs oils - that don't burn or clog pores for results within 1-2 days. It works by softening and straightening the hair follicle, preventing future ingrown hairs and bumps.

As well as other amazing Canadian products including IZZI Exfoliating Loofah Soaps - $6.95, Bubble Bath - $32.95, and Bath Salts - $15.95 and LoveFresh Sugar Scrubs - $28, Hydrating Body Butter - $22 Moisturizing Lotion - $18, and Body Wash - $18
Waxon was the setting for my very first waxing experience this week. It's true, I've never had anything except my eyebrows waxed - but I do try to live the the philosophy of being willing to try anything once! Why I didn't go for something a little easier like my legs, I have no idea but I went full in and had The Braziliant. And this my friends is why it is important to know what you are getting when you do something like this. I thought a brazilian meant there was still a little something left - but that it would seem is called a "modest" brazilian... live and learn...

So for everyone who hasn't done this before, you want to know how excruciatingly painful it was - fortunately I used the BareEase & Cream or I expect it would have been awful - with it, it was uncomfortable and slightly stinging at times but bearable. Would I do it again? I don't think so - I'm in agreement with the Real Housewife (which one, I don't know, who can keep track of them all) who said that life before waxing was a lot easier because you didn't have to worry about camel toe! Amen sister!

I definitely recommend checking them out if you are a waxing kind of girl (or guy) - if you're going to torture yourself that way you might as well do it in comfortable surroundings with nice people! And be sure to ask for Nicole who patiently answered all of my (probably stupid) questions, has the best attitude about which in my opinion has got to be the world's weirdest job and made the whole thing as fun as something like that is capable of being!

Waxon Waxbar is located at 1246 Yonge Street in Toronto - 416-949-4929 - www.waxon.ca   - you can make an appointment or walk-ins are also welcome - and guys don't worry, if you are worried that someone might see you going in and start wondering about what you are waxing - there is a back entrance!
- Lisamarie -


  1. This is awesome. I like reading about your pain, Lisamarie. :)

  2. That is because you are an evil bitch! It's hard being the nice one you know...

    Love, Lisamarie


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