April 11, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... Essence of Argan!

I was looking at a pair of dry, sad looking old lady hands the other day and feeling sorry for the owner of them the other day when it suddenly occurred to me that the owner was me and these were my hands and that I had obviously been very remiss in my hand moisturizing duties since I'm pretty sure I don't fall into the "old lady" category yet! Drastic measures were obviously in order so isn't it lucky this happened on my way to a facial and hand massage at The Spa at the Windsor Arms Hotel!

The Spa has added a new oil product to their services and shop - Essence of Argan - 15ml - $44.99 30ml - $92.99, 50ml - $114.99 - an amazing product that works on everything from aging, wrinkles and elasticity in the skin to sorting out all things dry including skin, hair, scalp, feet and thank heavens - hands!

The Spa used it during my facial for the massage and not only did it feel great at the time, it felt nice afterwards which is usually when my skin feels slimy and greasy from too much oil! If you aren't a fan of scent, you will also be happy to know that it has none.

For the hand massage, they mixed the oil with an exfoliant (sugar or salt, I'm not sure which) for a hand scrub, followed by a hand massage with just the oil - heaven! If my hands looked like they were 60 before, they looked 20 afterwards! Now I just need to get a vat of the stuff, immerse myself in it so I can look 20 all over!

You will happy to know that the old lady hand days are gone - I have been applying the oil at home to my hands and they look great and so as not to waste a bit of it, I rub it into my hands and then run my hands over my hair to get rid of the flyaways and add shine!

You have to love Argan oil,  it's naturally rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and a bunch of other good stuff which work together to maintain the natural state of skin - healing, reducing inflammation, preventing and treating the appearance of scars, smoothing and adding elasticity and protecting the skin from the daily exposure to harmful free radicals. It's great for issues both mild and severe and is gentle enough to use even on a baby's delicate skin!

If you want to try a bottle of this liquid gold (crack) yourself - it's available online at www.essenceofargan.com and at selected health and drug stores across the GTA, or pick it up atThe Spa at the Windsor Arms Hotel when you're getting your amazing facial and/or hand massage!

The Spa at the Windsor Arms is located at 18 St. Thomas Street in Toronto - 416-934-6031.

- Lisamarie -


  1. You just gave me a brilliant idea.
    Go for afternoon tea and then a spa/facial treatment at Windsor Arms on a day off.
    Too bad that my credit card doesn't seem to like the idea much :(

  2. I cannot get enough of these hair essentials. I started out just buying the hair masque but after a few purchases I have dabbled into using the Argan conditioner and shampoo. My hair was severely damaged due to high heat blow drying for years as well as constant hair dying. Over the course of seven months each week I have gotten a solid improvement in overall hair health.


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