July 16, 2010

A French Affair: My Love Story with Lingerie and...Soccer Players!

I attended a fashion show organized by the Lingerie Française (French Lingerie Association) last week and it definitely sparked a desire for shopping during these last few days.  Held at the Wychwood Barns in Toronto, the show was presented by lingerie powerhouses such as Chantelle, Empreinte, Passionata, Princesse tamtam, Antinéa, Simone Pérèle and Lise Charmel (Gerbe joined the fun too). It started with an old French song (these days French music is more about rap and techno but whatever...), sung live on the runway before the models started strutting in their pretty underwear. I have to say: I've never seen so many straight men at a fashion show! I was sitting next to the quite delicious Toronto Soccer team (I kept on asking what the TFC tag meant, until someone told me, ha ha ha!) and those guys didn't miss a beat! The guy next to me tried to pretend he was interested in the runway program for about 5 seconds until he gave up and just stared at the girls.  He may even have drooled. But then I drooled too, hopefully not for the same reasons!

Personally, I have a weakness for Aubade and Lise Charmel  - their collections usually include lots of embroideries and colors - it's a work of art and their bras last you for years. Now, I wish I would find these brands as easily in Toronto as I do in France (where I can even buy my Passionata underwear at the supermarket!), but they are still mostly confined to specialized boutiques. The Bay carries a few of these brands too. So now you know what to do ladies... go get yourself a saucy lingerie set, pronto!

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Victoria's Secret and La Senza? Yeah, I hate them.


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