July 26, 2010

Maybelline: The Power of the 4 XXL Pro Mascaras!

Most mascaras these days are pretty decent but finding the right mascara for your lashes can be a challenge. Maybelline has come out with 4 different mascaras with 4 different brush shapes to achieve different results.

All the XXL Pro™mascaras  include a 2-step application. One brush coats, builds volume, tames or curls while the second brush finishes off the application and adds color. The application doesn't take too long but you need to dedicate a couple of minutes to apply it properly. They were all clump free and had good lasting power (if a mascara tends to run, by the end of the day I can feel my eyes burning, that's how I know the mascara is still on my lashes and not inside my eyes!)

Maybelline  XXL Pro™ 24hr Bold
If you need long, big lashes with a long lasting effect. The first brush is surprisingly small but it's because it grabs all the small lashes. You can't really see the shape of the second brush  in this picture, but it's not your average brush, it's almost square and really helps with building up volume. it was a little awkward to apply the first time but I liked this one.

 This XXL Pro™ Volume is probably my favorite: I need volume so this one suits my lashes (like the 24hr bold) but I find it easier to apply.

While this XXL Pro™ Curl mascara doesn't really suit my needs, it really works! It does curl your lashes to a 45 degrees angle thanks to the curved brushes. It curls the side of your eyelashes, so it's a more subtle look.

This  XXL Pro™ Extensions mascara tames and extends lashes. I have crazy hair that needs taming so I understand that some ladies may need the same for their crazy lashes. This one doesn't build too much volume, it's all about smoothing and elongating the lashes.

Whatever you need to do with your eyelashes (volume, curl, taming etc...) there is a mascara for everyone here, really. They are all reasonably priced ($9.95) and can be purchased everywhere.



  1. I've always used waterproof mascara as I've tried these 2 in 1 ones before and they never kept the curl.. might give these a try though!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  2. You can find these mascaras in waterproof version too - but I didnt try them - I suppose keeping the curl is the most challenging but it did work on me, although like I said curling is really not my thing.

  3. Yeppers! I used to buy this tube...but then decided to change...and haven't finished the current one...so I guess I have to wait...

    <33 Rena


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