July 6, 2010

Rihanna Makes Alexis Cry and Amber Rose Makes My Eyes Cry!

Somewhere Alexis Carrington's shoulder pads are crying and Lady Gaga is distressed as she needs to outdo this. All that because of you Rihanna! Those shoulder pads look like hot air balloons. I mean, where is this going, people? How far can we go? How ridiculous can we be? Is it some kind of competition? You can tell when celebrities have nothing better to do with their time: I don't think you can go to too many places wearing shoulder pads so large that you cannot walk through any door - unless you're going to Walmart -
Maybe Rihanna's show is like a wrestling match. Judging by her other stage outfits, I would say it's a cross between wrestling and an X-rated movie. Her stage pictures would make even Madonna blush. I will spare you this vision. However, what I will not spare you from is this vision below (or more like a nightmare in color):

That dress is LOUDER THAN KANYE WEST'S BLOG POSTS. Fluo makeup? Check. Fluo dress designed by someone who clearly had his vision altered after taking magic mushrooms? Check. Fluo shoes? Check. So of course, Kanye's lady friend has to wear sunglasses at night. This whole thing is blinding me. And frankly, I'm a little scared.



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