July 19, 2010

Mixed Chicks Hair Care Makes The Curly Ladies Bounce Back!

If your hair is a curly mess in the morning, a curly mess in the afternoon... and a curly mess in the evening like me: keep on reading!

It's pretty hard to get my curls to look the way I want so it's the main reason why I straighten them...so I decided to try the Mixed Chicks hair products to see if I could keep my hair natural looking from time to time without looking like a frizz ball. The shampoo  ($11.99/300ml) has a nice scent, it contains avocado oil, borage and panthenol and while it left my hair soft and clean, I was concerned my hair was still too fluffy. Usually, the shampoos I use coat my hair with moisturizing agents and weight it down. Not in that case. 

I then conditioned it quickly with the Mixed Chicks deep conditioner ($10.99). Again, my hair didn't feel oily or greasy so I worried I was going to look like a sheep by the end of the day.  I styled it with the leave-in conditioner ($16.99) which acts  as a curl defining formula. I left my hair dry without tying it in a ponytail as I would usually do (to keep the frizz under control). To my surprise, at the end of the day my hair was dry and soft, and most of all, my curls were lovely: well defined and without any frizz! That day was pretty humid so I was pretty impressed!

I think this line is well priced and will really help you maintain a natural hairstyle.  Now you don't have to take my word for it... you can order this trio online in a trial and travel sample pack for $0.99 (it's enough for one use) if you prefer trying it first. To find where you can purchase Mixed Chicks products, you can check here.



  1. I'm using mixed chicks products and just looooooooooooove them :)

  2. I discovered your little secret then - is it what your sister is using too (the one with the super cute curls)?


  3. The price of this stuff has gone up to $22-25 for the 300ml bottle!!! That's ridiculous. I'm going to have to find a new favourite.


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