August 5, 2010

Does Pandora's Makeup Box contain all the evils of the world? Not so much! Evilly adorable? Absolutely!

A couple of months ago I was checking out Murale and came across a line that I had never seen before but knew I had to find out more about!  Pandora's Makeup Box combines all of my favourite things -  a Canadian brand with adorable environmentally friendly packaging, beautiful colours and excellent quality!  I figured my vacation a couple of weeks ago was the perfect time to try out some of the products:

Travel Brush Set - $48 - includes brushes for blush, a flat shader eye, contoured eye, thin eye liner, spool and angled.  I must admit that I am normally not a fan of travel sized brushes.  I bought a MAC set a couple of years ago that I just hate - compared to regular sized brushes they just always seem so small and flimsy.  I have to say "normally" because the Pandora set is much nicer then any set I've come across before and when I use them I don't feel like all the hair is about to fall out or the handle is going to snap!  I have also incorporated the travel blush brush into my everyday makeup brushes - I usually find full sized blush brushes too big but this one is the perfect size!  And of course I love the pink case!

Eyeshadow - $48 - Forget Me Not Blue - did I tell you how much I love the packaging of this line?!  The flower you see on the top of the case is actually a clear cut out, so you can see the eye shadows when it's closed - cute and smart!  This is the only eyeshadow set I brought with me on vacation figuring it had all the colours I needed to create lots of different looks for day and night. The colours are soft and well pigmented and the staying power was impressive considering how hot it was during that week and that it was also beach makeup.  I actually even forgot a liner so ended up using the darkest blue to line as well as doing a really awesome blue smoky eye with it!  This was a really versatile set, if you are also a fan of blue shadows, I highly recommend it! If you don't like blue, no problem!  Not only are there pre-made 4-pallets available, but you can also custom make your own with eyeshadow, blush or a combination of both!
Lip Gloss - $16 - Guava - available in 17 colours  - this is a beautiful summer colour that gave me a bit of colour but was still neutral enough to wear with a heavier eye.

Anyone else seen/heard/tried this line?  I think these would make great presents for the girlie-girl in your life and of course yourself!

Pandora's Makeup Box is available at selected Murale stores and available online at

- Lisamarie -


  1. i've never heard of pandora's makeup box, though i have been to murale. maybe i wasn't looking hard enough?

    that brush set is adorable! i think i need one in my life!

    btw, i'm not sure if you've seen, but i recreated that look from vogue japan you posted a while ago. the one with the purple eyeshadow? take a look if you're interested:


  2. love the packaging and actually tried their Eyelid Primer and Lipstick, the primer was fantastic to keep my eye shadow on and it was a pretty hot day and the lipstick had a vanilla flavour. Thank-you for exposing your readers to this pretty packaging and high quality new cosmetic line.

  3. I actually ordered the refillable palette about a month ago (quick delivery btw!)

    I filled it with 3 shadows and the Eyelid Primer – another refill option for the palette. How smart is that?!

    And the eyeshadows – AMAZING! They last all day and blend beautifully!

    Can’t wait to build another palette – maybe I'll add a blush refill next time:)

  4. Hi Dani - I don't think it's at all Murale stores so it might depend on which one you were at - I saw in at the Shops at Don Mills one!

    Hi Rosie and Jen - thanks for the tip on the eyelid primer, I'll have to put that on my shopping list!

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. I love Pandora's Box, it's Canadian and Montreal born Susan Kirsch, owner, is a wonderful make-up artist, she is so helpful!

    I use my Natural Girl lip stick with Guava lip gloss too - every day, it is long lasting and has a cute clear stone on the top of the item that makes me feel like a star!

    The eye shadows are amazing! I can custom create my own palette of colors and the selection of fantastic colors entices me every time to buy more! Why not - the prices are very reasonable!

    This make-up line is a happy, fun addition to start the day, I say go for it - buy on-line!

  6. Lisamarie and Christelle - love the article! So happy people are starting to notice this awesome Canadian brand. I tried the lipgloss a while back, so smooth and stays on pretty long for a gloss. I really like that guava colour, might need to order that one! This travel set looks really pretty, definitely seems like good value for so many brushes.

    Thanks again girls for this awesome post!


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