August 31, 2010

Lippmann Collection - Supermodel and Between the Sheets swatches

These are a couple of polishes that have been faves of mine from the Lippman Collection for my toes this summer but as my husband so lovingly put it, "no one wants to see your webbed feet" - so I'll let you check them out on my fingers instead!

Supermodel - created with supermodel Dree Hemingway - is a really striking red orange which they are calling a sheer but with 2 coats, I don't really it find it that sheer at all!

Between the Sheets - a super pretty fuchsia purple creme.

And if you are looking for an amazing quick dry top coat - check out their Addicted to Speed - it dries so quick and yet is still really shiny - I usually find that quick drying top coats don't have as much shine but this one is the exception!

And here's something I never knew, not only does Deborah Lippman have a line of nail products, she also sings!  Her previous recording "Nightingale" was jazz standards and original recordings and in her newest "Vinyl", she gives her own spin to some favourite rock classics.

I love her voice, it's very soulful and you can tell she loves to sing, so good for her!  If you are curious, you can find some videos on Youtube - just search Deborah Lippman (there is a heart wrenching version of Since I Fell For You) or you can purchase her cd's - as well as her polishes on her website -

- Lisamarie -

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