August 27, 2010

Bad Fashion Gone Wild: It's Not Hot!

I love how Beyonce is trying to keep a low profile! First she goes to St-Tropez in the south of France - believe me if you're looking for a nice quiet place,  this is not the place - then she wears this explosion of colors and patterns all at once AND lots of bling - because you know there is nothing more comfortable to wear when you go sunbathing. Vulgar.

Speaking of vulgarity, Taylor Momsen just graduated from the School of Hollywood Strippers.

It looks like Drew Barrymore wants to be on Beauty Crazed every week! That's the only logical explanation for being seen out in public wearing this, because none of these clothes make sense to me.

Imagine a Hollywood party with the actor Alan Cumming and Beyonce, how awesome would that be? I think the world would implode as a result!



  1. i actually like beyonce. i think she is fierce as they come.

    so if even SHE can't make an outfit work, then you KNOW it's ugly. goodness, it's hideous!


  2. I like Beyonce's music but I hate her House of Dereon line - it's completely fug and tacky!

  3. omg School of Hollywood Strippers.. what a scholl.. haha :)
    nice post! :)

  4. The sad thing is, Drew Barrymore actually looks the most toned down out of all of them.

    I loathe Beyonce's outfit, but I'm not generally a fan of her anyway. And well, Taylor Momsen is great for the lulz these days. XD

    What scares me most about that photo is how freakishly tall she looks! Homegirl's got legs for miles, she doesn't need the help of stripper heels :P

  5. Let's not forget...Taylor Momsen is 17! Where are her parents? Another Lindsay Lohan in the making.


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