August 19, 2010

Fragrance Commercials: Traveling from Acqua di Gioia's rainforest to the Bleu de Chanel's Urban Jungle

Lisamarie already reviewed the Acqua di Gioia fragrance  from Armani a couple of days ago but what I could not get over was the beauty of this commercial!

 Behind the scenes - the model STILL looks gorgeous, ugh.

If If you're in love with this soundtrack, like me, you can listen to The Cinematic Orchestra's "Arrival of The Birds" here. The Cinematic orchestra has some amazing tracks, like the melancholic "To build a Home". If I had a heart, it would melt!  All their tracks are available on iTunes.

In the meantime, all we've got for Bleu de Chanel is a trailer! The new Chanel men's fragrance goes for sale today but the short film directed by Martin Scorcese, featuring Gaspard Ulliel, will only be available in September - What a tease! -


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