August 26, 2010

An open apology to MAC Cosmetics regarding their nail polishes.

Dear MAC,  I know I have been giving you sleepless nights for years the way I have bad mouthed your nail polish line.  You see, many years ago when I first started buying MAC, I also bought your nail polish, you know the ones that came in the square bottles?  I'm sure that you know that they were crap - they chipped almost instantly and the coverage was terrible.  I expect that is why you changed the formula - probably at the same time that you changed the bottle shape.

But you see, I didn't know that, so all these years I have avoided buying your polish because it seemed like a waste of money.  Until the Hello Kitty collection.  I have no good sense when it comes to the Kitty so I bought the whole collection - including the polishes - thinking that I was just buying them to have, with no intention of ever using them.  Except I needed a grey polish a few weeks ago and my Hello Kitty polish was the perfect grey.  I only needed it for one night so I applied it thinking that it didn't matter if it chipped as I would change out my polish the next day - except it didn't chip.  What is this, I wondered?  Must be a fluke, it will chip tomorrow - but it didn't, as a matter of fact it didn't chip for 6 days.  So I tried my other Hello Kitty colours - same thing!  And just to make sure it wasn't due to the magic of the Kitty I even went to the mall and bought a new MAC polish - it lasted 5 days!

Now I am sad, not only have I deprived myself of years of MAC polishes that I prevented myself from buying because I thought I knew what the quality was, but I also made my good friends at MAC sad - and sleep deprived!  Can you ever forgive me MAC Cosmetics?  If you can send me a sign - wow, that was fast - along with the Fabulous Felines collection releasing today there is also a Nail Trend collection!

I love you MAC, let's never fight again!
Nail Lacquer (frost) - $15.50
Concubine - blackened red with sophisticated red shimmer
Earthly Harmony - muted taupe with sophisticated copper shimmer
Ming Blue - cobalt blue with sophisticated teal and red shimmer
Rain of Flowers - blackened violet with sophisticated violet shimmer
Imperial Flower - bright reddish orange with gold and red shimmer
Jade Dragon - emerald green with sophisticated teal shimmer
Overlacquer - clear

Buying them all as penance seems only fair, doesn't it?

- Lisamarie -


  1. this article really made me smile! I agree, buying them it the only way to redeem yourself :)

  2. :) :)

    I totally understand. Didn't buy MAC nailpolishes for years figuring.. they're a MAKEUP company, not a nailpolish company.

    Then I broke down. I wanted an Alice+Olivia colour. Bought it. Got it. Beauty. Now.. I want them all.

    this collection is like.. what I want on my nails. ALL the time.

    :) Great article. At least you learnt your lesson SOMETIME instead of never?

  3. I went to take a look at lunch and they are gorgeous! I especially love the Ming Blue, Rain of Flowers and Imperial Flower! I didn't care as much for the taupe one, but I think compared to all the others it just looked especially dull! I would have bought some too but the girls at the counter were busy doing makeovers - I'll be back!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. Interesting.. will pop to MAC store this weekend!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  5. yah i avoided mac polish in the past to because it was terrible! glad to see they improved it! great review

  6. Loved the article! I really like the beige-y and magenta-y one.


  7. There is lot of variety and the selections are beautiful and well made. I like this.

    Glass Of Venice

  8. LOL that's too cute. I'd love to see what you think of those new ones!


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