August 28, 2010

Givenchy is Blooming for Fall 2010!

I have obviously been working too hard or have gotten too much summer sun since Givenchy's Fall collection managed to sneak into stores without me writing a thing about it - bad me!  I was in Sephora the other day and there it was in all it's wonderful glory and this collection is not feeling the least bit fall to me so it didn't even freak me out and get me thinking about snow - Givenchy's fall colours are pretty, pretty, pretty!  Here's some pictures, prepare to drool!
Prisme Again! Visage Compact  - Limited Edition - $54 - #1 Blooming Pinks or #2 Blooming Apricots - from the colour names I was expecting these to be a lot more vivid, but they are actually very soft and wearable.  They recommend the pink for paler complexions and apricot for darker ones.
Le Prisme Blush - Limited Edition - $50 - #1 Blooming Fuchsias - the picture does not do this justice, you must see it in person to appreciate just how pretty it is!  This one is going on my "must have" list!
Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor - Regular Product - $62 - #71 Purple Show, #74 Khaki Egerie, #76 Siena Silhouette, #72 Midnight Look, #75 Blue Collection, #73 Pastel Model - in a variety of densities including a very light one - to make them simpler to use, all the quartets are organized in the same way - starting at the left hand bottom corner and moving clockwise - 1 - unifier, 2 - liner, intense shadow, 3 - shadow, 4 - highlighter.  The unifier, shadow and liner are satiny, while the highlighter is obviously more shiny.  They are meant to be layer, blended and shaded - experiment to your hearts delight.  I have long been a fan of Givenchy shadows so I am pleased to see we finally got the quads!
Rouge Interdit Shine - Limited Edition - $31 - #48 Blooming Peach
Rouge Interdit - Limited Edition - $31 - #26 Blooming Apricot - having become a big fan of peach and apricot colours this summer, these are right up my alley!
Gloss Interdit - Limited Edition - $28 - #26 Blooming Cora- more corally love!
Pop Gloss Crystal - Limited Edition - $27 - #449 Blooming Lilac
Vernis Please! Nail Lacquer - Limited Edition - $18 - #171 Blooming Pink

Available exclusively at Sephora now!  I will be headed back there on Monday to pick a few of these babies up - any of them on your shopping lists?

- Lisamarie -

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