September 6, 2010

Cover FX has a new eye primer and you won't believe your eyes!

Cover FX, knowing it's not a party without Christelle and I, were kind enough to invite us downtown last week to celebrate the launch of their brand new eye primer!  It was one of the hottest days of the year, but that's not enough to keep us from a party, especially when Christelle heard there would be food!  Since I was afraid to eat any of the food in case I got in the way of Christelle and got my fingers eaten by mistake (or not), I really enjoyed meeting the other bloggers.  This time I had the chance to meet the very sweet Arianne from GlitterGeek.  I knew I loved her when she met Christelle and said "Oh, you're the mean one!"  Ha!  Suck on that Christelle!

Dozens of appetizers later, with Christelle on a first name basis with the serving staff (she actually told them to automatically head her way with any new serving platter), the highly anticipated primer was introduced by Cover FX co-founders, Lee Graff and Jenny Frankel (pictured here).  They passed a bottle around so we could feel the super smooth texture and then did an interesting demonstration to show one of the benefits - on the back of a hand half primed and half not they swiped some metallic powder - on the primer side it was much more vibrant then the un-primed side - also, when you rubbed on it, it came off easier on the side with no primer!

EyePrep FX Anti-age Smoothing Primer - 20ml - $43 - your secret weapon to fight under-eye circles, puffiness as well as fine lines and wrinkles.  Haloxyl - an anti-aging ingredient that naturally encourages the skin to recover its natural pigmentation and Eyeliss - a therapeutic anti-aging ingredient that helps to reduce puffiness by eliminating excess fluids, enhance firmness and minimize inflammation around the eye area are the ingredients working on the dark circles and puffiness while the Peptide Flash Complex instantly tightens and firms while long-term improvements include repairing and strengthening the eye area.  Cucumber extract works with detoxifying minerals to cool, soften and hydrate the skin leaving the eye area feeling fresh and revitalized.

It all sounds good but how well does it work is the question - I've only been using it a few days so I can't speak to it's long term benefits of course, but as far as short term benefits go, they aren't lying.  My issue has always been puffiness, mostly in the morning and after applying this primer most of the puffiness is gone within 10 minutes.  That would have been enough to make me love it but it's also a kick ass eyeshadow primer.  The hot weather lately has been a perfect testing ground and this keeps my eyeshadow as crease free as my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion - with a much better delivery system - a pump bottle!  I can also really see how much more vibrant the colour of my eyeshadows are, UDPP doesn't do that!  Be aware of how much you pump though, you only need a little bit to cover both eyes and I found a full pump was way too much!  This primer is great time saver if you are tired of having to use one product for your circles and bags and then a different one for your primer! I don't have sensitive eyes so didn't have any issue with it but my favourite Shopper's cosmetician - Julie - does have sensitive eyes and has also tried the primer and did find that it irritated her so if you also have sensitive eyes, you should try the tester in the store first to make sure it agrees with you. Check out the contest at the bottom for a chance to score yourself a free one!

Along with the new eye primer, Cover FX also has a line of face primers:

ClearPrep FX - 30ml - $39 - matte foundation primer and anti-acne treatment in a light-weight gel that helps fight shine, reduce lines and pores, ease blending and extend the wear of your foundation.  Good for all skin types with oily tendency and pronce to acne breakouts.  Oil, paraben and fragrance free.  With our super hot summer causing me a super shiny t-zone, this one has been my go-to primer and it really does make a difference it making sure I'm not as slick and my foundation doesn't go sliding off my face!

BritePrep FX - 30ml - $45 - brightening foundation primer and photo-aging defense with SPF 50 an a cream-balm texture which has instant skin brightening effects which blur the appearance of lines and pores and helps foundation blend easier and wer longer.  Suitable for all skin types with sun spots, hyperpigmentation and sallow/dull tone.  Oil, paraben and fragrance free.

SkinPrep FX - 30ml - $45 - a nourishing foundation primer and anti-aging serum that hydrates and smoothes skin to blur the appearance of lines and pores, facilitates blending and extends wear.  Appropriate for all skin types especially normal to dry.  Oil, paraben and fragrance free.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and US girls can now easily get a Cover FX fix at Sephora!

Here's a way to get free one for yourself (and maybe also a gift card worth up to $100)  Check out the Cover FX Facebook page for more info:

- Lisamarie -


  1. It was so great to meet you ladies! :) Now I can hear your voices as I read Beauty Crazed, haha!

  2. Yes, and you will never be able to lose the mental image of Christelle lunging at the cheese tray... ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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