September 4, 2010

Things are getting hairy at GOSH!

We already love their makeup and now they are giving us another reason to feel the love - hair colour!

GOSH Professional Cream Hair Colour range features fourteen shades of 30-minute processing, permanent cream hair colour - $9.99 - launching first in Canada - designed to strengthen, repair and condition while providing 100% grey coverage.  The formulation contains Moringa Seed Extract to help protect the hair from daily environmental damages such as UV rays and colour fading and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which adds excellent conditioning, shine and luster - the ingredient forms a film that fills damaged gaps in the hair shaft which lay down the hair cuticle and lock in vibrant shine.. In fourteen shades: 101- Ultra Light Blonde, 110 - Light Blonde, 123 - Medium Golden Blonde, 134 - Dark Blonde, 210 - Light Brown, 223 - Medium Golden Brown, 226 - Medium Brown, 231 - Natural Brown, 234 - Dark Brown, 239 - Darkest Brown, 315 - Medium Copper, 340 - Mahogany, 401- Black, 413 - Blackest Black

And if that's not enough, check our their new styling products:

Some Like It Hot! Thermal Hair Spray - 125ml - $9.99 - For use on wet or dry hair before using heated styling tools to protect hair from the damage caused by heated appliances while providing perfect hold, control and texture.  Use with straightening irons for safe, straight and smooth styling.  Infused with Wheat Protein which penetrates deep into hair shafts to repair, strengthen and protect hair from within as well as Betaine which contains an anti-irritant and protects the scalp for the ultimate heat protection during styling.

Treat Me! Leave-in Conditioner - 150ml - $9.99 - Designed for hair in need of extra care, it hydrates, detangles and protects.  Enriched with Betaine, Shea Butter and Panthenol for conditioning, softening and extra moisturizing.  Helpful for strengthening hair that is prone to breaking and splitting.

Fresh Up! Powder Shampoo - 150ml - $9.99 - Revitalizes greasy, dull and lifeless hair in-between washes.  Absorbs all excess oil, product build-up and impurities, leaving hair soft, clean and refreshed down to the roots.  provides great re-styling ability, giving hair hold and extra volume.

You can find the GOSH product you are lusting after at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -


  1. woohoo! i want to try their dry shampoo.. i'm actually going to repurchase batiste but i might try this instead =)

  2. cool.. didnt know about the powder shampoo. ill probably try that..

  3. Don't get it on you're skin , whatever you do , it'sa great hair color and stuff,
    but if you get it on your face , and it stains , it causes hair growth you you have hair on your face, dark hair..


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