September 21, 2010

New and Notable from Shoppers Drug Mart - NeoStrata, Quo, Juicy Couture and Nicole by OPI

NeoStrata All-in-One Night Serum - 30ml - $84 - For the 50+ crowd, NeoStrata has new addition to their Intense line for mature women with multiple advanced aging concerns, including wrinkles, crepiness, pore size and elasticity.  It contains the proven pentapeptide Matrixyl - which fights the appearance of wrinkles, helping to reverse the signs of aging, age-defying retinol - a form of vitamin A naturally found in the body that fights the appearance of wrinkles and skin crepiness, enhances skin tone and decreases pore size - in the highest concentration available at retail and Longevicell - obtained from myrtle, it's a cell regenerator and guardian of tissue longevity that inhibits a process called glycation.  Glycation occurs when ingested sugars trigger a chain reaction and bid collagen fibres together, which causes tissues to stiffen, leading to the formation of wrinkles.  Even better,until the end of Friday you can also get a free gift of a Moisture Infusion Cream (worth $27) with purchase of the serum at Shoppers.

I'm not in the appropriate age group to really test this serum out but I did try it to get an idea of the feel.  I like the texture of the serum, it really would be fine for any skin type although I suspect dry skin would probably want to add a little moisturizer on top of it.  I also found it a bit stingy, which I'm told is normal and you might need to start off using it every other night to build up your tolerance as it does contain very potent ingredients.  So while I can't tell you about personal results, I did find you a pic of the test results, which are quite impressive!

Quo Skin Care - already love Quo cosmetics?  Seems that Quo wants more of your love and have just launched a line of skin care products - here's what they have:
Gentle Gel  Cleanser - 95ml - $15 - gently cleanses skin, without irritation and can be used both morning and night.
Facial Polish - 175ml - $15 - cleans pores with mild exfoliating beads leaving your skin feeling both polished and fresh.
Brightening Serum - 50ml - $20 - evens and brightens skin's overall complexion.
Daily Moisturizing Lotion - 95ml - $20 - easily absorbs, leaving skin moisturized all day long without signs of dryness.
Intense Eye Cream - 14.5ml - $18 - soothes and moisturizes the eye area while decreasing puffiness and signs of redness.
Hydrating Night Cream - 50ml - $20 - light formula replenishes skin's moisture without clogging pores.
Refreshing Facial Mist - 145ml - $15 - soothes and refreshing skin, best used after cleansing.

I haven't actually tried anything yet, just played with the testers - I really like the texture of the daily moisturizing lotion and I like all the pump bottles.  The shiny silver is pretty but it's not very practical since it will get covered in lotion and fingerprints - they were smart though and put a clear strip on the side of each bottle so you could see how much product is left!  Would love to hear opinions on the line when someone tries it!
Peace Love & Juicy Couture - 50ml EDP - $76, 100ml EDP - $99, Body Lotion - 250ml - $56, Body Creme - 200ml - $64 - The notes include Meyer lemon blossom, wild hyacinth, sweet apple, black currant, sambac jasmine, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle, linden blossom, orris, patchouli and musk.  I actually don't mind the scent, if find it a lot greener then the usual JC offering - and the bottle is so fun!

Nicole by OPI matte - $10.99 - No Limits - navy, Positive Energy - silver, Razzle Dazzler - black, Stolen Kisses - pinkish red, Virtuous Violet - purple, Respect the World - blue, Yellow, It's Me - yellow - If they didn't say matte on them I wouldn't have believed they were - they all look so sparkly in the bottles!

- Lisamarie -


  1. ahh, i've been yearning for matte nail polishes for a while! will definitely have to check this out. thanks for the info :)


  2. NP Dani! Just remember there is a serious learning curve for the matte polishes as you can tell from my sad swatch post below this one ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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