September 13, 2010

Mary Kay Metro Chic Fall 2010 - not your mother's makeup anymore!

We write about Mary Kay skincare from time to time but I don't think I've ever said a thing here about their makeup line.  I think I still had it stuck in my head is what I remember about Mary Kay makeup from when I was young - when everything came in pink plastic compacts and looked like something your mother would use! Well they've come a long way and you should prepare to be amazed - you won't believe this stuff is from Mary Kay!

Be Radiant Baked Powder - $20 - Dawn - pink/silvery white/sand and Dusk - plum/champagne/golden brown - what I like about these is that you can use them very sheerly or layer then for more intensity!  They have a little bit of shimmer in half of the palette but it's not overwhelming.  I haven't used a lot of baked powders because I usually find them a little hard, but these have a nice feel to them!
Eye Glimmer - $15 - Disco - purple, Drama - blue and Dynamic - gold - I love the blue!  Stick eyeshadows are so great for an easy smudgy, smokey eye look!
Liquid Eyeliner - $17.50 - Skyline - purple - I think it's interesting that so many lines are offering purple liner for fall!
Vinyl Lip Shine - $19 - Attitude and Audacious - the glosses have extreme shine with a glass like finish that isn't sticky.  These are a particular favourite of Christelle who often has trouble finding glosses with enough pigmentation to show up on her lips - these work!
Nail Lacquer and Base Coat / Top Coat - $10 - Platinum - pearl grey, Intensity - purple and Pulse - red - if you read regularly you saw my swatch post last week, and if you don't, you can find it here!
Better yet, with a $60 purchase you will also receive this clutch free!  Inside it's lined in red and black animal print and contains a clear high-shine lipgloss with a hint of silver!

Available exclusively through independent Mary Kay beauty consultants - check out or call 1-866-455-5454 to locate one.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I about died with this post !
    I'm a Mary Kay beauty consultant, but none of these has come out in Mexico yet - may I ask where did you get this info from ?
    I'm soooo excited for this to launch in my country now ! I'm barely getting started on my business, and since I'm quite young and so are my clients, it's kinda hard to sell all the darker and more mature shades to my 19 year old friends - this new collection will be a total kick, I just know it !


  2. Hi Mesha! I got the info from the Mary Kay pr person in Canada - it launches here this week! Yes, the old Mary Kay would be a hard sell to 19 year olds, but this collection is super cool!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Love this post - way to go i put it on my facebook page. I have worked with MK for over 7 years and been a makeup artist for 2 yrs and it keeps getting better. angela

  4. Hey Mesha,
    for a 19 year old, budget is usually another problem, so I find products that you can do multi use sells better.

    i.e. eyesicles, the vanilla one you can use as body shimmer too; pink stardust, can be used as highlighter or eye shadow.

    As for lipgloss, the coral rose and sugarberry are very young colors. =) Hope these info helps

  5. Thank you Lisamarie ! I wish I had a PR person no tag about haha - I'll so totally rely on you now :P

    And I totally agree Grace, it's really hard to buy stuff when you're so young and on a budget ! I had never really thought about giving multiple uses to MK products but I so should ! Thank you so much :D

  6. Hello, Joan here, I am also a senior beauty consultant of Mary Kay in the Philippines... I'm just wondering if you still have this in hand?

  7. if you still have that baked powder @ $20.. i would be very glad to order it from you..


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