September 20, 2010

Brighten up your skin with MD SkinCare by Dr. Dennis Gross, Avon and Clarins!

MD SkinCare by Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Brightening Serum - 30ml - $112 - with an 18% Vitamin C complex - a lot of vitamin C products don't have much of the actual vitamin in them so I was happy to find this one - 18% is a decent amount!  The packaging is great, to use it the top swivels and then pops up to show the pump, when you close it, the pump swivels back down - this way no air can get in and mess with the active ingredients.  I did find it quite thick for a serum, so I actually used it in place of a moisturizer as well, which was fine for me during the summer weather, with sunscreen on top of course!  I had heard other people complain that it was very irritating, burned and felt stingy but I didn't experience any of these issues - I would recommend doing a test patch first to make sure you aren't going to react - get Sephora to make you a little sample of this first so you don't shell out big bucks for something that isn't going to work for you!  I definitely did notice that my skin looked brighter and felt smoother when I was using it, so I'm a fan!  My only disappointment with it - it doesn't smell like citrus, which I love in Vitamin C products!

And Canadians will find it easier to get their mitts on the line - The Shopping Channel is now carrying it!  They don't actually have this serum, but if you are a fan of the line, they do have some of the line's other products.  You can check it out at And of course you can also find the line at Sephora and selected The Bay locations including The Bay at 2 Bloor Street, Toronto ON - go to the store locator to see all of the other retail locations -

Avon Anew Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum - 30ml - $60 - brightening gel helps remove dull skin cells to visibly retexturize the skin's appearance.  Anti-Dark Spot helix is formulated with injectable-grade L-Aspartic acid to help inhibit pigment production that causes dark spots.  Instantly makes skin look brighter and more even-toned.  Formulated for all skin tones and types.  Use every evening after cleansing and before moisturizing.  Again I found this way too thick to be called a serum -  I never used moisturizer on top, it was enough moisture for me on its own.  I thought the texture was very silicon-like, much like a face primer.  I really like the overnight factor with this one, waking up with bright, soft skin before I even do anything to myself in the morning is a big improvement over my usual early morning look!  I did find that this serum felt very greasy on the oily parts of my face so I ended up using it very sparingly in those areas.

Available through your friendly Avon rep 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner - 125ml - $34 - if you are super oily and prefer not to use serums you might want to try a toner instead.  Use it 1 to 2 times a week and make sure you use your sun protection as the AHA's in it may increase your sun sensitivity.  It also contains tamarind for gentle exfoliation and white nettle to refine enlarged pores.

And if you're still looking for more brightener reviews you can check out a couple of my other favourite brighteners which I reviewed previously:  NeoStrata Intense Skin Brightener and Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

- Lismarie -

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