September 7, 2010

Lady Gaga Wears a Meat Bikini and Daisy Lowe Casts for BeetleJuice

That's one crazy blog post today, but I had to post Lady Gaga's Vogue Japan cover! She's wearing a MEAT bikini. I guess "getting more meat on your bones" takes on a whole new meaning here. The cover was shot by the creepy controversial Terry Richardson for Vogue Hommes (men edition). Men love naked women and red meat, so this is probably the ultimate cover for them. Somehow, I don't find this cover sexy, but who am I to judge? I can't wait to hear PETA's reaction to this photo shoot! It should be fun!

Next to this, Daisy Lowe's outfit looks ordinary. She looks like she's casting for a Tim Burton movie. What a weird outfit for a GQ red carpet...which is a men's magazine event!



  1. oh, i'm looking forward to peta's comments as well :)

    also, i agree, terry richardson is beyond creepy!

  2. I hate when people play with real food, too. It really bugs me. It's decadent, and gross but since Lady Gaga is completely coked up these days (by her own admission), she probably thinks of this meat bikini as a piece of "art".


  3. The vogue cover is seriously disgusting!

  4. I love it. As long as you all have those sticks stuck up your ass, you should stir up some shit.


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