September 27, 2010

Germaphobes will sleep a little easier tonight thanks to Kleenex and Nougat London!

Every now and then PR companies will send us products that I think are kind of wacky and when the Kleenex hand towels first crossed my desk I wondered why they were killing trees when it's so easy to throw your towels in the washing machine?! Of course I do launder the towels in my own bathroom, but it suddenly occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I washed the towels in the guest bathroom - it's been awhile... So if I don't do it often and I have a reasonable level of hygiene, imagine how often the towels in your male friends guest bathrooms get washed?  Horrifying to think about, I know!  It then became very clear to me what an excellent idea these Kleenex things were!  I'm not advocating them for everyday use for yourself, but as something to use in your guest powder room or to throw a couple in your gym bag so you can avoid the sketchy roller towel - I'm all for this!  Kleenex Hand Towels available at major Canadian retailers - $3.49 for a box of 60.

I am by no means a hand sanitizing whore - I don't keep a tiny bottle of it in every pocket and purse or go running to it every time I see a dispenser (you know who you are!) - mostly because I just don't like the smell!  If public hand dispensers start stocking Nougat London I just might change my ways though.  Upper Canada Soap recently became the exclusive distributor of the Nougat London bath and body collections in Canada making this fabulous British line much easier for us to get our hands on!  The products are available in two fragrances:  Tuberose and Jasmine and Fig and Pink Cedar and range in price from $7-$100 - the line really is beautifully presented and saved my ass when I need a hostess gift - I got her the most beautiful soaps that she just loved!  So if you hate the smell of regular hand sanitizer but still want to be less germy, check out the Fig and Pink Cedar - it smells amazing!  Check out for retail information.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I saw the commercial for these Kleenex's and thought it was just an upside down tissue box until the end of the commercial where I found my self saying "coool" so yeah ill be grabbing these for myself :)


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