September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga's Got Meat on Her Back while Chantelle Shows Less Skin.

You've probably already seen Lady Gaga's VMA pictures: the pop star was her usual crazy self. No surprise there. I try not to post about her anymore or it would become "Lady Gaga Crazed in Canada" blog. However, I had to break my self imposed ban tonight when I saw the back of Lady Gaga's meat dress... or the lack of. I didn't believe the dress was really made out of meat like her Japanese Vogue cover but then I read that it was real meat! Jesus, this woman is a bigger marketing genius than Madonna! And whoever is her makeup artist deserves an award too because she actually looked beautiful last night. That makeup artist is definitely a miracle worker!

At least, she's wearing underwear!
The shoes are pretty awesome too...

I was shocked by this Chantelle Houghton's picture. Our favorite British reality TV "star" whom I mock on a regular basis, actually looked good here, so kudos!



  1. Lady Gaga's looking's ridiculous. Isn't it?

  2. But yes she is looking beautiful....I agree.

  3. As I said previously, I think she's doing too much drugs!


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