December 21, 2010

Barry M Nail Paint swatches - Mint Green and Shocking Pink - and if you're Canadian and want to buy them, read on!

New makeup lines are my crack - of course if you are in the UK, Barry M Cosmetics aren't new to you at all, but these nail paints were the first time I have ever laid my little paws on them, and like any good crack addict, now I want more!
The polish went on smoothly and two coats gave me great colour and coverage and so far, no chipping!

The line prides itself on being on the cutting edge of colour trends, and with such affordable pricing (it would be on par with Annabelle) you can also stay in style without breaking the bank!  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to stroll over to the local drugstore and buy it?!  Of course it would and Barry M agrees!  They have started a Facebook campaign - Get Barry M into Canada! - and need your support to make it happen!  Visit, like, tell your friends and comment!  What better cause it there than makeup?!

UK readers, feel free to regale us with the wonders of Barry M and everything that we are missing out on!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Lovely shade! This campaign is a great idea!

  2. i "liked" that group! i've been wanting to try barry m products for months now :)

    i really hope shoppers starts to sell barry m soon.

  3. I like Barry M and I dont understand how come they dont sell it in Canada! Anyway, I liked the group, to show my support!!

  4. woo! i really hope barry m make it to canada :) heard great things about it

  5. Love Barry M nail polish! Check out my blogs for reviews of some of them.


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