December 7, 2010

Love That White Smile promises whitening without the sensitivity - what better accessory is there for the holidays then a bright white smile?!

Love That White Smile was developed by cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jonathan Shainhouse who found that the vast majority of his clients were disappointed with the results of professional and over-the-counter whitening systems.  He set out to develop a system that minimized the use of harsh chemicals that cause sensitivity and irritation, was simple to use and promised noticeable results.

I've been in the middle of testing another whitening line (tune in next week for my review) so I haven't really tried the whitening part of this system enough to say how well it works, but I have played with it and will say that you need to do this with a full sized toothbrush!  You put a pump of the cleaning foam and another pump of the whitening foam on the same brush at the same time and it's a lot of foam that just won't work with a mini sized brush!  My favourite items from the line so far are the Teeth Cleaning Pen - it's perfect to pop in your purse and use afterwards when you just can't shake the need for blueberry pie and the Tooth Gloss - it sounds weird, but shiny teeth really do look whiter!

Teeth Whitening System - Cleaning and Whitening Foam - $49.95 - 30 day treatment consists of:
Cleaning Foam - 1.1 fl oz - foam action that removes stains first, below the surface to allow the whitening foam to penetrate faster.  The foam format, unlike gel, also hydrates the teeth.
Whitening Foam - 1.1 fl oz - foam action that whitens teeth with better-than-professional results at home, see results in just three days!

Teeth Whitening System - Maintenance Foam - 2.5 fl oz - $29.95 - foam action to keep your teeth looking whiter, longer.  To be used for 90 days following the Cleaning and Whitening Foam System.

On-the-go Teeth Cleaning Pen - .13 fl oz - $19.95 - helps you achieve whiteness, a clean-teeth feel and fresh breath on the run!

Tooth and Lip Gloss - .11 fl oz each - $49.95 the set includes:
Tooth Gloss - helps protect teeth from stains with a unique protective coating that also helps teeth look cleaner and more brilliant.
Smile-Enhancing Lip Gloss - gentle formula promotes lip plumping and moisturizing to enhance your smile.

Available at major drugstores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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